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Michelle D

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Jun 14, 2010
Hi everyone, I made it. I hadsurgery with Dr. gillinov Monday morning. I was pretty brave going into it but I desperately fought off the breathing tube. I woke up and had it on for about ten minutes. I didn't sleep until this morning. The pain pump was making me feel like I'd forget to breath when if fall asleep. Oh and for anyone coming to the Cleveland clinic, the food is horrible. I'm tired again. Oh I didn't get robotic surgery, my femoral arteries or gains were too small so I got a sternum cut.
WELCOME to the good side of the mountain be sure to pay close attention to sternal precautions to help the sternum heal
Glad you are doing so well Michelle. 2 days out I was still a long ways from posting. The food might not be great, at the least the care is good.
Two days out and you have enough energy to post and spell almost all the words correctly? Impressive!

Congrats on making it through your pre-op ordeal and getting this fixed a couple of weeks earlier than projected. You dodged a bullet and should be able to tolerate bad food for a few days more. There's a McDonald's within a block. :)
So glad to hear you made it, Michelle!! We all knew you would! So happy this was moved up earlier for you, knowing you were so miserable also. Thanks for the update. Rest and take care of yourself. You're in my prayers!

Glad to hear things went well. I hope you have an easy and smooth recovery. It looks like there are places to eat withing the CC - why not get your husband to provide some carry out. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Will want to read your posts since my surgery is only 11 days away. I will pack some candybars! I'll send out for milkshakes! Good Luck. Pat
So happy you are all done and even able to be on your computer so soon.....you can have someone cook you great food at home.....that's a tiny thing now that you have made it to this side.....HUGS...Michael
Such good news, Michelle. You've been through a lot. Be kind to yourself now and let your body heal slowly.

Welcome to this 'side of the mountain.'
You will go home in a little less 'dramatic method', I am sure. :)
Glad to hear from you & wishing you the best with your recovery. As for the food, it may not be the food but the fact that your tastebuds have not returned to normal & won't for a while yet. I know that everything tasted like cardboard to me.....yuck! But you have to pick up your strength so force yourself to eat whatever you can!

Take care!

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