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  • Oh, good, glad you weren't sick, in a-fib, or had too many beers and fell down and cracked your skull. ;-)
    Good luck! You're gonna do great! The hard part is now officially over! Godspeed Penny, and have your daughter post an update after surgery. Will be thinking about ya!
    Hi Andy
    all went well today I am just hanging out waiting for the time to pass. Wish me luck!
    I wish I could sleep 9 or 10 hrs straight. Got 7 night before last, but only about 5 last night - dogs keep not cooperating... And I keep staying up too late. I'll take a nap after I mow here in a few min (if the rain will just say away for another hour). I'm gonna have my son start the mower for me - no way I'm gonna try to pull that cord yet! I saw you mowed the other day - assume you have a riding lawn mower with an ignition key or something? Hope you're not trying to pull the cord on a push mower! If I could/would get more sleep, I'd feel a lot more motivated. Gonna make concerted effort to get to bed earlier - it's just been kinda nice to stay up since I don't have to work in the morning. But yea, I gotta get back into a routine soon, and kick recovery into 2nd gear - as I'll have to go back to work one of these weeks. Putting it off as long as I can, even though I could easily go back now - just want to milk this as long as I can. Don't tell my company!

    just had that thing about losing everything onc typed, arghhh frustrating huh!
    Saw your post about 12 of 14 day of yuk weather and that really sucks, i can relate that in these long days of little agenda, am also more motivated when the weather cooperates.

    Find my motivation to do stuff this week is low, whereas last 2 weeks had young niece caring for me and driving me around, so felt we needed to do more so she would not be bored with her stay.
    I guess i can be thankful that i no longer require OTC sleeping pills, heck, find myself sleeping 9-10 hours continuous and have not done that since my 20's i think.
    There may be some danger to that routine, after all will need to get back to work & all routine sometime soon.
    We have likely both realized that rehab is very much a mind game and I guess it is time to get to 2nd gear so need to make conscious effort to do stuff.
    keep well
    Heh Andy,

    How's it hanging?

    Saw your post on 12 out of 14 days of rain and yuk, that sucks and I can relate to cabin fever.
    what about The Valentine's Recovery Club or something like that. They give you those little heart shaped pillows don't they?
    Wow, I think that's the same date as 3 others that posted tonight (if I remember right). Can't remember who all they were but I made a comment about triplets! Dang - the links don't work huh... Well, go to the link below then and scroll down to the bottom where he is like just getting home and when he's a week out and 2 weeks out from surgery. Inspiring (in my opinion)! PS - don't look at the ones where he had issues with his scar until after you've looked at his earlier ones (the ones where his scar had to be re-stitched are kinda icky, and that's not very common).
    21 June 2010 aortic valve replacement with possible ascending aorta replacement
    your you tube links don't workie :(
    The super man club I like... only problem last time I checked didn't have any of the boys down below if ya know what I mean! lol
    yes I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a name for the group. Zippers makes me feel old, lol Let me get back to you if I think of a name.
    I just joined this site and ran across your profile. It looks like we are close to the same age and similar conditions. I was just told my my cardiologist that OHS may not be far off for me. Any advice?
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