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I had a aortic valve replace in 2015 with a pig valve replacement. I have had no trouble with it at all. But this time when I went in for my yearly test, my echo showed a small leakage. Anyone one else had this
trouble and what did they do? I don't go back and see my doctor until Jan. So I guess he wasn't worried about it as of now. Wanted any information on the subject.
My Mitral valve was replaced with a Bovine valve in November 2018. I have been diagnosed with Severe mitral stenosis. I am stable with mild symptoms and my cardiologist is determining the best place and what test and procedure would be best. I am currently living in central Florida.
Aortic Valve at .9 and ascending aortic aneurysm 5.0. Surgery at CC with Dr. Douglas Johnston on 07/15/21 at age 71. Inspiris Resilia 27MM, Gelweave graft.