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I was hospitalized 2xs past 2 months for afib. 2echos at 2 diff hospitals showed aortic diameter at 5,4. I am looking for BSA calculator that use to be in this forum, I also have BAV VSD ASD and have had 2 coarc repairs in past. I see a surgeon this week but would like to have as much info as possible before appt. CT will be done at this appt.
My husband is 32 and needs his mitral valve repaired. He was also born with pectus excavatum that needs fixed as well. An otherwise completely healthy and extremely active individual, is now faced with OHS.
Surgeon & Hospital Shopping- Has anyone here gone with Dr Castro (Sequoia Hospital) or Dr Veeragandham (John Muir Hospital) for their AVR?

Also looking at the Edward’s Inspiris valve model for my aorta valve replacement. Anybody have this model & feelings about it?

I hope you are doing well. I am currently deciding between a repair of my bicuspid aortic valve and the Ozaki procedure. I am very interested in what your thoughts on the Ozaki Procedure are post-op. Thanks.