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And 2 today. Not fun that part. Healing time.
Glad your on the mend, totally agree for drain tubes, Ugh and great relief once they are removed. 4 seems a bit much, but if they prevented infection, so be it eh!
wishing you a speedy recovery
I made it thru to the other side. Surgery was on Friday morning. 2 days in ICU and released to private room early this afternoon. Went well. My surgeon chose the On-X 23mm as best for my anatomy. Took a walk around the floor a few hours ago. Pain management is good and minimal. I believe my previous mini sternotomy was more painful than the full. But they put in 4 drainage tubes this time. 2 were pulled yesterday,
Valver update: OHS Aortic valve replacement surgery #2 was April 25th 2016 to replace my Medtronic Freestyle porcine (lasted 9 years) with a 23mm Edwards Magna bovine valve. Seems fine almost 5 years post surgery. Not sure what my choices are going to be for my next valve update. Love to all my fellow valve replacement brothers and sisters! Godspeed!