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interesting, always good to see innovation in the market. However I belive that its always going to be a small market because
  1. more alternatives (more expensive albeit) are coming on line for non valvers
  2. more OHS is being done with tissue prosthetics and younger Valve Replacement patients were always in the minority anyway.
So far I have nothing but good words for my Roche
lookin to learn about my impending Aortic valve replacement (MINI AVR) surgery
You are getting a MIMI! How come?
I'lll bet a MIMI is French, no? Im getting a MINI mostly because they wont crack my ribs open but I'll also spend less time in surgery, recovery and in the hospital.
Tinsley -- if you're in the U.K., the meter that I have won't be right for you. I don't know if you can get Coag-Sense strips in the U.K. and your medical system seems to have standardized on the CoaguChek XS and a newer version.

If,OTOH, you're in Massachusetts, my Coag-Sense would be a pretty good choice.
Oh right I didn’t even know any of that thank you anyway tho means a lot
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