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Wondering if anyone with mechanical valve have a cat scan with and without contrast. Did you have to take antibiotics before procedure?
Also did anyone have a Cystoscopy ? Did you take amoxicillin before procedure?
I am concerned about infection.
I've on-X mechanical valve in the aortic position and have done cat scan with and without contrast twice after my valve replacement surgery. I did not take amoxicillin before the procedure. However i take amoxicillin before teeth cleaning
Need advice on dental procedure for my daughter who has valve replacement. Extract or root canal ?? She’s been on amoxi for about 3 weeks and is still hurting, can’t open her mouth wide and very tender at jaw under tooth .. I am inclined to just pull them and not have to think about infection creeping back in
I don’t think either a dentist or oral surgeon will do an extraction until the infection is completely cleared. I would ask them what they advise long term. Extraction may be the best option.
Mitral Valve replacement 6/16 Northwestern University Chicago, Dr Patrick McCarthy
DDubs, new to the forum. Did you have the Ozaki Procedure after all was said and done?