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Aortic Valve at .9 and ascending aortic aneurysm 5.0. Surgery at CC with Dr. Douglas Johnston on 07/15/21 at age 71. Inspiris Resilia 27MM, Gelweave graft.
I had the vaccine despite my mechanical aortic valve. Didn't adjust my coumadin dosage, and came out just fine.
I had the vaccine because I'm a heart patient and because I'm older than 50 ... I also didn't adjust my dose.
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What cheeses do you most enjoy eating? What impact whether to raise INR or lower INR does your favorite cheese have on your blood thinning medication?
tough call, Stilton, Blue Vein, Camembert and Cheddar. Usually with a glass of red wine, but also on a sandwich with ham.
It makes no measurable difference to INR