What is a good watch/ wearable to measure heart rate and heart rate variability?

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Jul 18, 2012
sterling heights, michigan, usa
I can tell closely enough what my my blood pressure and bpm are. I've had 35 years to learn well. Although, the less I know or think about it the better off I am. My bp hovers around 110/65 whileat rest, and the bpm is 60-65. If those vitals are as I say, I really don't need to know my exercising vitals because I don't go at it too vigorously. Sorry, this may not be helpful to you, but it is a position I take with watches and measurements.


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Jan 23, 2018
Toronto & Tel Aviv
If you're funds limited, the FitBit Charge 5 is an ideal choice. This is the path that I went prior to my surgery 5 months ago. It satisfied all of my needs.
  • GPS
  • Heart rate and resting heart rate
  • Waterproof
  • Exercise tracking
  • Bluetooth
  • Sleep tracking
  • Step tracking (and miles/km)
Plus it gave me a host of other valuable thigs ...
  • O2 levels
  • Heart rate variability
  • Sleeping breaths / min
  • Skin temperature
All for $120 :oops::geek:
This looks like a great option, but I'm a bit turned off by the fact that historical data is paywalled. Did you sign up for fitbit premium as well? If yes, worth it? If not, was the weekly data good enough?

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