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  • pellicle
    interesting, always good to see innovation in the market. However I belive that its always going to be a small market because
    1. more alternatives (more expensive albeit) are coming on line for non valvers
    2. more OHS is being done with tissue prosthetics and younger Valve Replacement patients were always in the minority anyway.
    So far I have nothing but good words for my Roche
    Yes, I am back and once again in the waiting room. On 30 April, I expect to have TAVR and a new Medtronic CoreValve. It's sort of a bummer that the CE Bovine didn't make to event 10 years but these things do happen. If we could have controlled it, we would be here chatting. It is nice to see that there are several people still around whom I recognize.

    [email protected]
    Larry ... sadly I don't get notifications of profile posts

    not sure if I replied to your email

    Best Wishes
    Hi pellicle,

    I saw your last post and pictures. WTF! In your shoes I'd want to pull the doona over my head, tell the world to go away (using much stronger language) and stay there for a very long time. Not sure what else to say apart from I sincerely hope things get better for you very soon.
    Hi again,

    Thanks for your response. I'll read the links and get back to you if I have any questions. I'm also considering an ablation at the same time as the AVR as I have had aFib for over 25 years and need a break from it. Surgeon is a little apprehensive as it means an additional hour on the heart/lung machine and accessing another area of my heart. Maybe I should have these procedures done separately?

    Glad the floods haven't been an issue and again thanks very much for your support.


    Hi pellicle,

    I hope you don't mind me pm'ing you.
    Your responses are usually on the money.
    I see my surgeon in 4 weeks, want to be prepared and have a couple of questions:
    I know you have an On X. I'm assuming this is because down-the-track aspirin may replace warfarin? Also, the On X is less likely to clot? I spoke to my surgeon last year and he prefers St Jude - I'm not sure if I should insist on the On X? I really trust him, so am leaning towards the latter.
    Do you home monitor and is it easy? Is it an option in Australia?
    When I saw my surgeon last he indicated we'd talk dates at the next appointment. However, he and my cardiologist don't seem to agree on the timing, so he may suggest waiting longer. I hope this is not so, as I feel symptomatic. I also don't want to wait until I'm really bad, as like you, this will be my third OHS and the risks are greater.
    I'd appreciate your thoughts if you have the time.
    I hope the floods aren't causing you grief.
    Hi pellicle,

    I've just read a detailed response you have posted. I was struck by your strength when hit front on by very horrible things. I was also surprised by how we have sort of mirrored each other. I'm coming up to my third operation having had my aortic valve repaired at aged 7, replaced (human tissue) at aged 44 and probably to be replaced again next year at 55 (with mechanical). Like yours, my father was diagnosed with cancer just before my last surgery and recovery time was spent supporting and being with him as much as I could. Your comment about not playing sport and having time to think about things more also resonated strongly.

    I hope things are starting to go better for you now.

    All the best.

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