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  • Hi Amanda

    I agonised between a mechanical and tissue valve for a long time and at one stage actually decided on an OnX mechanical. But of course one then tend to revisit the situation and the more I read about tissue valves lasting longer in older people the more attractive a life without coumadin, or warferin as we call it, became. I then made up my mind and it is now 3 years later and I am as happy as can be with my choice.
    We like to travel and went to Greece and Egypt last year and to Zambia and Mauritius this year. At the end of the year we are taking a cargo boat to St Helena Island in the middle of the Atlantic (where Napoleon was kept prisonor and died).
    I am mentioning all this because I do not have to worry about getting tested for coumadin levels in these out of the way places. Wonderful! I realise that tissue valves do not last as long as mechanical ones and a reoperation may stare me in the face, but who knows I may get the magical 20 years out of it! Johan
    Hi, Johan. I am new to this. It seems you have a near situation to my dad's. He has congenital bicuspid aortic value and currently critical stenosis. We're scheduling the surgery with the next month and we're meeting with a second surgeon today. Can I ask if you're happy with your animal value? I feel my dad really has his heart set on it, but is afraid it's not going to last very long. He doesn't want to be on Coumadin. He's extremely active, works for himself, and is otherwise in perfect health. Any suggestions? Has your process with the biological value been good? What should we know...
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