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  • As you will see I live in England but if you need any help Just email me, [email protected] I think my son's wife is behind him acting as he is as her father died last year and she can't forgive me for living. It is a dreadful way to act from a supposedly clever person. Before my op I could walk 2 steps and had to have a chair lift fitted at home. They are now surplus to requirements. I do feel lucky to be alive and will strive to forgive my son but it will be difficult. I think it may be a long time till I visit Indianapolis again, if ever.
    I am very fortunate too that my wife and youngest son are so supportive, for some reason my son living in Indianapolis and his wife seem determined to undermine all that has been done for me and my recovery so far. It has certainly slowed my recovery to get vicious, invective emails and phone calls from them to both me and my wife. Needless to say I will get over it but can't bring myself to disown them. It seems that we are not good enough for them any more and anything we do is met with suspicion and derision. It is so sad but what can I do? I do feel very vulnerable at present too and I think they know how to kick someone when they are down.
    Sorry to go on but it is so difficult at present and any advice would be appreciated.
    Best wishes
    Patrick Draper
    it is pretty wierd to "watch your heart beat now - huh? or I can see veins in my feet that were not there

    amazing! hope you continue progressing
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