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  • thanks laura! what is your little girls name? i had a hard time picking names!

    when do you plan on another one?
    Hey Lady-

    Cute little girls! I have a little girl too! She turned 8 months today. We only want one more child. I'm 30 yrs old. I have an enlarged left at and moderate mitral valve regurg.

    Hi Malibu, just looked at the pics of your girls. They are just gorgeous! Hope your recuperation continues to go well. It has been inspiring for me. I only hope Colin does as well as you have done. Let me know if coming off the bb makes a difference in the brain fog. I really am hoping that is what is doing it to Colin. That seems like it would be eaiser to deal with than an anxiety disorder. Barb
    yep my kitty always had a murmur too, but this was before i knew about all of these different heart problems so i never thought it was a problem :(
    My cat Cosmo had a heart murmur. I remember years ago when I took him to the vet she listened to his heart and said he had a murmur. Of course, my first question was, "which valve?" She had no idea and I wasn't about to opt for a kitty echo since he was basically fine.
    Hey beautiful Momma! Your babies are beautiful! Glad to hear you are down to just using motrin. Take care

    Pretty much the same train of thought about bio vs. mechanical and buying time for the future...but in my case childbitembered h was not a consideration (grin).

    just remembered that you were quite gadgety and On-X seemed a given, but have heard that On-X requires specialized surgeon skills.

    If it makes you feel any better in a meeting with surgeon a few days before op, he mentioned to me, that if he were me, the bovine option would likely be his 1st choice

    for me,, yep must of been out of mgna in my 21mm size at time of surgery or something (smile)...but I will be sure to ask why when i see him, yet to be scheduled by his secretary

    fever must be some minor infection, so hopefullythey can get you back in range, are you using cold compress on forehead for relief in meantime?
    fever has cooled a bit, but still there. i have a doctor appt. next tuesday to figure it out!

    my doctor doesn't use the on x valve so that was that. bovine just felt right for me. i might want more children so now it wont be a problem and the doctor said this might last me 15-20 years, and by then the MIGHT be doing it via catheter.....so it just sounded like a good choice for me!

    that is weird that the doctor switched you like that! maybe it wasn't going to be a good fit?
    Heh jacquie,

    thx for the friendship request, really cool, hope your fever has cooled?

    nice race cars am envious.

    am curious, were you not thinking On-X valve pre surgery...how did you end up on Bovine?

    The C-E magna was my 1st choice for aortic, not sure why surgeon switchedme to St.Jude last minute...go figure

    bina thats cool!! i know what you mean. i would do anythinggggggggg for a 1969 camaro SS black with white racing stripes!
    Hi, Your daughters are totally beautiful, enjoy every second with them.
    And the drag racers are awesome. Picture 10 has my dream car in the far lane. 67-68-69 Camaros really do it for me. I used to have a 74 Camaro, but it only ran on regular gas....LOL...boring.
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