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  • Hi Penny,

    Thinking of you. Hope you are having a no bump recovery!

    The weather here is stormy. We needed it though. I am one of those strange people that likes the rain.

    Take care
    Ah, true, Superman club is a little sexist.... Alright, well I think we're on the right track tho. Get that thinking cap on!
    PS - hope your arm gets better soon, and I bet it will ;) The bruises will probably take a while to go away though. I think I just FINALLY got rid of a big one on the inside of my left arm where they went into a "surface vein" because they couldn't find a regular one. That happened during my hospital stay 5 wks ago, and it's just now (in last few days) getting to the point where it's not super ugly - although I can still see it a little bit. Point is - don't get discouraged about the bruising - it'll take a while, but will eventually go away. The infection might be a different issue though - so stay on top of that, like I know you're already doing. I know you'll be fine though! And keep visualizing!!!
    Ok, sounds good. I think the name needs to be something to do with glue, or adhesives or something. One thing I read recently is the glue is apparently called Kryptonite glue???? Maybe something along the superman theme then? The Superman club???
    Good night to you too (although it's morning now, lol). And thanks for the facebook request. I accepted it right before I went to bed last night, so not sure if you've sent anything over there yet, but it looked like it went through. Now I've got two 'heart buddies' over there on facebook from here (you & Eric). We'll have to start a group over there or something ;) Might find folks over there we can direct over here.
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