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  • I know what you mean. I was always a good boy and did not talk to other pax about my job or anything. I was happy to be flying for free. We had about the best travel benefits in the industry. I actually separated from the company due to an on the job injury in 2000, so I didn't retire with travel benefits. But, after I left they changed the order in which retirees were boarded from strictly date of hire seniority to being boarded LAST after all current employees. So an active employee with 2 months on the job would get on before me with my 30 years. After that change, I didn't feel too bad about having lost my travel benefits. And actually , since I fly most to see my daughter and her family in BWI, I fly Southwest and always get a great fare and no worries about getting on or not as non revs always have to worry about. Working for an airline does get into your blood, but i can honestly say that now I don't miss it at all. Glad to be retired . Lots of warm hugs....Michael
    I was only with T-dub for a couple of years, so I got no benefits to take with me, but enjoyed what I had when I was there. I was there in the mid-80s; there was a flight attendant strike shortly after I started, and I could have left reservations for that, but didn't want to live in STL or NYC, so I stayed in res. Was also there when Flight 847 was hijacked out of Greece. A few months later I was flying to Greece and the man I was sitting next to started talking to me about how he was supposed to have been on that flight, but had to change his plans a few days before. Of course, as a non-rev, I couldn't say anything!
    Hi Mike,
    What airline did you work for? I worked for TWA years ago. Boy, those were the days, flying first-class, something I sure miss!
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