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  • Adrienne,

    Good to hear on your husband, believe that the event was upsetting to you at the time as it should be.

    Had a good rehab, need to get fit now as have flabbed out.

    Have stress test thursday and meeting trainer at the gym for program.

    all good for me, likely could not have gone better than it did, am a luckyguy

    I just happened to go look at "My Profile" which I almost never do. I saw that you had sent me a visitor message 4 weeks ago asking how my husband is with his new pacemaker. So far, so good. He doesn't have the symptoms he used to have. He's back to swimming, but he has to get fit again. He has a follow-up appointment on August 5.

    I hope you are doing well since your surgery!
    I just sent a message to myself that was supposed to be to you! Duh

    I'll look forward to your new Avatar. I'm a real pet lover myself. We have two housecats and our Pug Sandy, the one you see in my Avatar.

    Great to hear your almost fully recooperated!!

    Take care
    Hey U - what are doing still up???
    Shouldn't you be in bed?
    Aren't you still recovering?
    Now go to bed and get some rest.........I am.
    My morning beverage is a hot chocolate made with lots of milk and a pinch of decaf coffee added.....365 days a year. Great stuff.
    Fortunately my lady won't clean out the tiny dusty bottle of rum on the kitchen shelf, but my sister would for sure !
    Yes, today is the perfect day: Sunny, low humidity, warm. Too bad that I had to stay indoors keeping an eye on my cleaning lady. ;)
    Regarding post op visit, I didn't have one with surgeon only my cardio, could be cuz I live so far away.
    You will be getting the "Royal" treatment for sure. Varennes is a perfectionist and attends conferences in Europe. He has also done percutaneous valve implants in senior patients with success. I have read that he has assembled quite a team of experienced surgeons.
    I am sure our goldens will play a big part with walking us to our recovery! i hope everything goes smoothly for you :)

    Thansk you for the wishes, good luck to you and Colin with upcoming

    all the best

    I see your surgery is coming up very soon. Prayers and happy thoughts being sent your way.
    There was a group at the Vic making red heart pillows for the cardiac ward.
    Mine was a bit too large, but now it's a souvenir. :)
    Oh, my stars, we are almost neighbours.
    I can send u some info on a PM.
    Hi Gill, just wanted to say "Hi" and welcome you to the forums. It's always nice to see another Canuk, I'm in Saskatoon and have a mechanical in the Mitrail position.

    What a sweet heart of a puppy you have. I used to have 6 English Setters, then later 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - a smaller version a golden lol.

    Cute picture of the two of you
    My surgery was also at "The Vic".
    Your dog looks like he will be a great post op companion. Mine was a chocolate Labrador.
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