Edwards Resilia Inspiris Aortic Valve


Apr 3, 2019
Australia (Sunshine Coast)
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone in Australia knew of any surgeons or hospitals using this valve. I'm 29 years old and staring down the barrel of my second OHS in less than two years. While I'm aware anticoagulation meds aren't the end of the world my preference is to stay off them. I lead a very active life and I'm just getting started.

Very interested in this myself being in Australia.

The good news is I see that this valve was added to the list of products able to be claimed through private health funds just last month so it’s obvioisly been approved for use in Australia:


I’ll be getting my annual echo and consult with the aneurysm cardiologist at Prince Charles hospital in Brisbane at the end of May. Prince Charles hospital perform lots of aneurysm surgeries each year. I’ll ask the cardiologist if he’s aware of surgeons using this procedure.

I’m 59 with an aneurysm of the aortic root (4.8 cm) and TAV which appears to be ok but they don’t really know until during surgery. If my valve needs replacing I’m very keen to get the Edward Resillia tissue valve. It’s been used in Europe for a few years now. Then UK followed by the US.
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