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  • Duffey, I just read about your car accident. I hope you are feeling much better. sending positive energy your way.

    Thank you, I am feeling much better.☺
    It's a small world - I spent this afternoon at MoBap talking to Dr. Kouchoukos about doing my mitral valve replacement.
    Mary, I thank you. It has been an incredible month or so. He is back in ICU with swelling around the back of his brain. He had terrible headaches last night but the Cat Scan was OK. Today he woke up from his nap and couldn't see. He was transferred to ICU and sent over for an MRI and came back to his room on a ventilator. A real tough situation for a little 5 y/o and his parents. Thanks for praying. It is the most important thing we can do. Betty
    Mary, thank you so much for your prayers for Spencer. If you get a chance visit his carepage....spencermeyer. This last month+ has been unreal. My niece has always been so special to me and her family as well. All his chemo is on hold right now until he gets his port in his chest. His last spinal tap was clean and his bone marrow too but there needs to be two consecutive ones to have his status changed to remission. Now is the time they would step up the chemo but he just isn't strong enough right now. Thanks for joining the fight. Love ya! Betty
    Like your spastic chicken avatar!!! Are you getting ready to wring it's neck & make soup in FT???? :):)
    hey girl, malibu82 has a new surgery date, can u delete the 18th ?
    thanks !
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