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    Thank you! 12 years somehow

    I remember when you had your Ross. I had hoped to have one myself and paid particular attention to those VR members who did. Congratulations on number 12!
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    Concerned parent of 16y.o

    Hi and welcome. Is there any problem with your daughter’s BAV where it might need to be replaced? Our grandson has been monitored since birth with a similar scenario. He is only ten and so far his enlarged aorta has grown at a proportional rate to overall growth. There have been no issues with...
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    Home from TAVR

    I expect that it takes a certain amount of time to recover from any type of valve replacement, whether open heart or TAVR. You don’t have the same point of reference that others who have undergone open heart, have. As I read your account, it sounds to me that your recovery is progressing pretty...
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    5 and half years On my on-x valve

    So sorry that you still have no answers.
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    They can give you antii-nausea med in your IV. They always ask me before procedure/surgeries if I’ve had any problems and when I say, vomiting-dry heaves, they take care of it. The GI docs use a combination of versed/fentanyl for colonoscopies here locally. You must have a driver in order to...
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    Staying the Course -- 10/01/2019

    @FredW just happened to see that today is your birthday. Celebrate appropriately!🎈🎈🎈🎈
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    Congrats on #18 and best wishes for many, many more.
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    A New Helper

    Wishing you and Zoey many, many years of love and companionship.
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    Staying the Course -- 10/01/2019

    Superbob, you’ve been a valve brother for almost fifteen years, and now we share our mutual bovineness? Crazy, crazy! We’re preparing for husband’s cancer surgery on Monday. He stopped his Eliquist two nights ago so that causes me some concern. The ablation he underwent three months ago seems to...
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    Home from TAVR

    Rich, I think I was more emotional post-avr. I had issues with the trauma inflicted by open heart surgery; my brain didn’t like what I had willing subjected my body to. I’m glad you’re doing well.
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    Staying the Course -- September the Fuzzy Week 2019

    Glad to hear from you via VR and the Staying the Course thread, Bob. Lots of rooting for you and me to do with the last regular game of the season today; don’t lose focus! 😉😊
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    5 and half years On my on-x valve

    Best wishes and good luck getting some answers after the Cath. Please update us with what you learn; it might help someone else later on in a similar situation.
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    TWO years for me.

    @Carnelian Congratulations on Valversary #2! Wishing you many, many more!
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    Just had my TAVR two days ago.

    So happy to hear that you are well and are feeling so good! Best wishes @rich01 for Monday’s surgery!
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    Didn’t you previously experience dizziness? I wouldn’t be very concerned.

    Didn’t you previously experience dizziness? I wouldn’t be very concerned.