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    Protimenow Update

    My husband had an extensive seven hour long ablation procedure in July of 2019. He has no valve issues, but mild to moderate coronary artery disease. He has an appointment with the EP next week and hopes to finally come off the Eliquist that he’s taken for almost three years. He has not been in...
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    Staying the Course -- April 28, 2020

    Good luck with your grocery shopping, Superbob! Talk of finding a way of having a 100 day baseball season is the news I’m keeping up with.
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    Staying the Course -- April 14, 2020

    @Superbob, our son and daughter in law are in Chattanooga, and one of the horrible Easter tornadoes struck a mile from their apartment. They are now helping with clean up efforts there and in surrounding communities. We have done pretty well through our state’s shelter in place order. My husband...
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    Staying the Course -- April 6, 2020

    Prayers for your sister in law, @Art O Ceitinn .
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    Staying the Course -- April 6, 2020

    We’re holding our own in Southeast Missouri. The so-called Super Moon was beautiful last night, and it was still shining bright this morning. Our weather has been nice, sunshine and daily temperatures in the mid-70’s. I’m thankful that Mother Nature is being a good sport this Spring and serving...
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    Protimenow Update

    Sorry to hear of all you’ve been put through.
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    Staying the Course -- March 23, 2020

    Fred, your thought process sounds a lot like mine, but I would never try to walk home. At least not in the dark, at least not 24 miles. I believe that the healthcare system will be forever changed once the pandemic ends. I believe that the emphasis will shift from specialty practices to...
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    Staying the Course -- March 23, 2020

    This is turning out to be much worse than I could have imagined. I wake up, do a quick check of how I feel (any fever, chest tightness, unusual muscle aches) then say a quick prayer of thanks that we’re another day out from the initial exposure. The pulmonary doctor that Bob works with, and is...
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    COVID-19 - How are you spending your time?

    Thanks, @Seaton we should have an answer tomorrow. Unfortunately my husband’s mother died last night so I was not able to really be of much comfort. She will be cremated and we’ll have a service once the epidemic is over. This sucks.
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    COVID-19 - How are you spending your time?

    I’m “social distancing” from my husband. He was exposed to an ICU patient who has been tested for Covid-19 but results aren’t back yet. The hospital’s infectious control nurse said we should maintain 6’ of distance, sleep in different rooms, use separate bathrooms. I’m upstairs, he’s downstairs...
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    COVID-19 - How are you spending your time?

    My husband is a clinical respiratory therapist so he intubates patients and monitors ventilators in ICU all day. He started in the field 45 years ago so feels that he’s reached the pinnacle of his work in pulmonary medicine with the coronavirus outbreak. I’m not nearly as thrilled. We finished...
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    Mandatory in-patient rehabilitation?!

    I’m glad it’s worked out. Take care of yourself and keep us informed as you continue to recover.
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    14th Anniversary of my Mitral Valve Repair

    Congrats, Wayne! It doesn’t seem like fourteen years have passed, but I guess so since I am coming up on #15 myself. Time flies when we’re having fun!
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    Happy valversary, Steve!
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    Cardiac catheterization

    I’ve had three, so yes.