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Apr 24, 2018
well, as you're new here (and there is nothing on your bio) I'd raise two points
  1. age is a determining factor, if you're over 60 then the Resilia will be as good as any bioprosthetic
  2. we have very little actual data about how well the Resilia performs in the long run, however everything we know about valves shows that it is unlikely to more than perhaps 20% more durable than previous valves of that generation
It is often said there are no bad choices but you can seek an optimal one. Advanced age is the biggest predictor of extended durability in bioprosthetics for all these reasons:

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I'm not sure if you guys get Saturday Night Live in Australia but for some reason this character, Debbie Downer, reminds me of you... I don't know why... maybe I'm wrong... who knows...



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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
If your purpose here is character attacks on other members, you might find that a Twitter account is more suited for you.
I believe this is summed up here:

Ad hominem is a Latin term which means "to the person." It is short for "argumentum ad hominem" which means an argument which attacks the person.​
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To simplify this into common language, its when some one says: "but there is no data to back that up" and the other side says "oh yeah? Well your mum dresses you funny!"

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