Debora Gina Turk March 19, 1965 - December 29th, 2008

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Dec 15, 2001
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Debora from Brazil, Members of the VR community, I have every respect for what you collectively do. Early 2006 I logged on to VR and posted a question,, My mother is 81 and about to undergo Aorta Valve Replacement, can anyone give me some advice? I received good wishes, support and very good and accurate advice which I used and supplied to my family, my mother is still going strong. To these communications I replied and little did I know that from this I was going to meet the person who I would fall madly in love with, and on the 04/04/2008 in Glasgow, Scotland, Debora and I got married, she became Debora Gina Turk and I became the happiest wee Scotsman to wear a kilt with nothing underneath and marry a beautiful Brazilian woman.
As some of you will know Debora (43)had 3 Mitral Valve Replacements. The party after the wedding was everything I had hoped for and our song was Everything by Michael Buble. My best man David Harper was on top form and Debora's mother Hilda arrived from Brazil the day before. Debora's daughter Bruna (11) was unable to attend. The night was truly magical.
Weeks later Debora was diagnosed with inoperable Lung Cancer at the Southern General Hospital Glasgow. Dr's Sweeney,Davies, Davidson, McIntyre and Dunn were truly magnificent in their care for Debora and you know she had them laughing and I believe she actually brightened up their day. I attended every appointment and tried my very best to be there, comfort, support and love "my Debora"
She had 3 cycles of Chemo and approx 15 sessions of Radiotherapy at the Beatson Cancer Centre Glasgow. Dr Grainne Dunn advised us that we should return to Brazil. I gave up my flat, sold my car etc and on the 26/11/08 we left Glasgow for Curitiba, Brazil.
Brazil is a very beautiful country and the people have been so warm and supportive. I just never stopped to realise just how many other people love Debora.
Sadly Debora battled , and I mean battled to have, in her words "Christmas at home with the people I love most in the world" to which I felt more than proud to be included in that list of people; Hilda, Bruna, Victor, Sylvia, Jana and Mauricio. Debora passed away at 5.50pm on 29/12/2008 at Hospital Do Coracao and buried at 4.00pm in the Cemetery Iguaco Curitiba on 30/12/2008. Joe Turk (41) Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.

My thoughts and prayers are with Debra and her family. I am so sorry to hear this news.
I just wrote to her to see how things were. I knew that she was in dire condition, and I feared the worst. You have just confirmed it. She was so brave, and so young. What she endured was tragic.

May God keep her close to Him.
My sincere condolences to Deborah's family and friends. I hope that they find a measure of comfort that Debrora was able to return to Brazil before losing her fight for life. She will be missed by us all.
Oh I am so sad about this. Deborah was always so brave about her life. She knew she had had to make very difficult decisions, but there was something so inwardly strong driving her and quite often I don't think she realized that strength was there. For her to give up and give in would have been so opposite of her character. She must have indeed been weary.

Sincerest condolences to her precious daughter whom she loved so much, and to all of her family.

Sincere Condolences

Sincere Condolences

May I offer my sincere condolences to Joe and all of Deb's family at this very sad time

I will think of you often and recall the happy chats the old gang used to have on Yahoo,

I remember when we had our first voice chat I was amazed that a Brazillian lady spoke english with a scottish accent

Rest in peace my friend, free from pain

This is very sad news.
When one of us old timers pass away it is kind of expected.
But when one so young and brave loses their life, it is horrible.
Deepest Sympathy.

Deepest Sympathy.

Had been extremely worried at the lack of communication from her so feared the worst - So sorry to hear the news. Debora & Bruna visited with us for 6 weeks here in Auckland in 2006.I'm glad that we had that time together. You were so brave Debora.Very special thoughts go out to Bruna with the tragic loss of her Mom.

Deepest sympathy to Joe,Bruna, her Mom,& family.
Ernie Wendy & Family.
What a shock. I knew she was not doing well but I guess I was wishing for the best. I am happy that she found love with Joe and I hope that will help him with his grief. Sometimes things just don't seem fair. Praying for her family.
Oh my goodness, what terrible news. I was just thinking of Debora this last week andthinking I hadn't seen an update in a long while. To Bruna, Joe and the rest of Debora's family I send my deepest sympathies. I am so sorry.
I was hoping against hope that she would make it through some how. She was a blessing to many of us and will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy goes out to those who love her.
What sad news,and my condolences to Deb's Joe and family

Thought of Deb so often,i'm so sorry :(

zipper2 (DEB)