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  • Thanks Bina, I still haven't heard from her for awhile. Last I heard she had a bleed that was repaired. Hope she is ok doing well. Let me know if hear anything please. Thank s again dhudson
    Bina, Sarah louise said I could check with you, you would know how she is doing. I haven't heard from her since she went in for surgery. Kinda worried, so if you have any info, it would be greatly appreciated. My wife and I are prayiny for her daily. Thanks Bina Doug Hudson

    Hope the world is not shaking and your head is not rolling. Hope you are feeling better today.
    Hi Bina,

    wow, what a day today, mid 20's, sunny breezy, does not get much better and am in such good humour

    How are you, are you enjoying the coming of summer?

    by the way Dr. De Varennes is way more empathetic that Dr. Lachapelle whom am still waiting on for post op meeting, but cannot complain, cause mechanically looks like he did a real good fixup on me...wil post a 28 day status very amazed and happy and way less fearful if my Epic bio valve needs replacing and living is so gooood
    Hi Bina,
    Nice to hear from you! I have an appt. tomorrow to see what the holter monitor shows and am supposed to start bispronol (only need to take one a day). Although I have tons of heart thumping and jumping etc., I am leary to start any new meds. I will keep you posted. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!!

    Anesthesiologist mentioned yesterday that Mitral repair was a Dr. DeVarennes specialty, so looks like i may have 2 top surgeons on my case.

    Quite conforting

    I was looking at your "Pets" pictures - they are great! I didn't know that goats could be calico in color,they are just gorgeous. If you ever decide to start a commune,call me,cause I'm coming....:)
    We stopped one day in Samana, DR, which is on the North coast. We went to a private island rather than to the town. The island was beautiful. did you know? I WAS on another fabulous vacation last week in the Caribbean...on a crusie ship. It was great especially after our Philadelphia winter and 80 inches of snow.

    But I was reading, not to worry.

    Hi Bina,
    Is that a goat in your avatar? Whatever it is is very cute. One of the ways I remember people here is by their avatar, and I'm mostly lost with the new site, but sure it will become familiar soon enough. Take care!
    We got smoke (Friday) from BC and it's coming your way - that is, if you don't already have it - due to forest fires. Pretty thick stuff which gave me a headache trying to be outside,
    Dusty huh,

    Funny thing about liquor, reallt small drinker but do love an occasional Rum and brought back an Aplleton Estate ofrom Jamaica in mid-April, which has yet to be cracked.

    No desire, nor have I even cracked a bottle of beer since retunr, coffee still tastes funny, but love the hot drink...may be permanently teetolling (smile)
    What Bina, are you worried she'll clean out your liquor cabinet.

    Sister had that problem with cleaning lady some years ago, a little here, a little
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