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  • Heh Freddie,
    yes am chastized, you caught me on another late night
    too busy doing nothing in daytime and getting lazy, wake up at 9:00AM to compensate.
    Am sleeping way more than pre op though.
    , guess you are more mature than i am (smile)
    Hey kiddo, whatsup?
    Hope you are not overdoing the gardening stuff and remember to park yourself in a lawn chair and relax a bit.
    :) :)
    Hello Freddie,

    Thank you for the greeting and it is nice to meet a fellow Canuck from SK on the forum.

    Am also a big fan of the Cavalier King Charles, as my niece has had 3, a wonderful family dog and quirkkie enough to be fun (right, (smile)).

    Mine is my 3rd Golden Retriver and our 1st female (Jessie), on the very large side at 85 lbs and a very typical goofy lovable Golden of now 5 years of age.

    Am scheduled for May 17th surgery with Aortic and Mitral needing work , so currently my Avatar is a doleful Jessie, which will gardually change to her more energetic side as i move through the process.

    Found your message this morning, then lost it and had a heck of a time finding it again, but your freddie Avatar allowed me to relocate the message.

    Am getting a very good crash course education on the forum, just wish i had found it sooner.

    All The best

    I had a computer problem earlier and it shut down. Now I updated my Adobe Flash and it seems to be better.Maybe I had too many windows open and it couldn't cope. Nitey nite.
    Hee hee, we have the 29C today and hitting 30-32 tomorrow and all week. Hot stuff !
    Nice breeze today, parked my butt in a lawn chair in the sun and then under the patio umbrella when I got too hot. I found a nice British novel to read when I am outside, indoors i am too distracted by computer. ;)
    Are u finding a new routine in your new kitchen?
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