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Sorry to hear of your problems! I feel it's best to get in there and see your Dr. I'm about 4 1/2 weeks out, and I do not experience any of the things you described. I just had my first sneeze at 4 weeks out, and I did not have pain. I was so scared that I would though, from reading stories from others! I'm praying that in your situation, it's just something simple, and your myasthenia gravis sp? could very well play a roll in your healing time, I would think. Take care, rest and keep us posted. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

Sad to hear you are having some delays with the sternum healing several weeks post op, hopefully the surgeon will have some solutions.

The last of my sensivity is at the bottom of the incision (solar plexus), rehab trainer mentioned today that there was a lot of nerve endings in this area therefore it is not unusual for it to be the last of the sensitive areas.

all the best for continued recovery

Thank you for all your thought,,,,,replies.....and prayers......You truly are the best people anywhere.......I will let you all know what the surgeon says ....MALIBU...LIFTING your kids!!! OMG...i would feel that for sure....and ANGEL...I didn't sneeze for weeks either...but when i did.....i felt and still do my chest is going to erupt....OUCH.......Lots of hugs and best wishes......Michael
Well saw the surgeon today and he checked my sternum.....pushed and tried to move it every which direction.....MAN!!!! if i wasn't sore before i sure am now......he told me that my sternum is fine and i need to give it a total of 12-16 weeks for the pain to diminish and any sounds to subside......I guess i will do as he said and see how things are in 5-9 weeks.....i am at 7 weeks now.....Have a great weekend all and be safe.........Hugs and love.....Michael
That's good news!
Make haste slowly. Not everyone is riding in rodeos 10 days after OHS!

There's so much ache and pain and creakies that we're not used do from before OHS. But when in doubt, check it out.
I am glad to hear your sternum is ok but I am sorry you have pain

When I sneeze it is horrible. I have learn to cough softly. I hope this goes away quickly. I will be thinking of you. Robin
Hi Michael,

That's great news! I know it is extremely frustrating, ( the healing process) but try to be patient. I have to stress. everyone heals at a different rate. Unfortunately, it took me quiet a while to feel back to normal. I would say several months for the sterum alone.

Take care and keep posting
Hi Michael Glad to see you are posting. Hope the pain gets better. I am 8 weeks post op and normally I am not bothered with much pain until I do something I haven't done in 2 months. The muscles and incision areas in my chest can really ache and hurt. I take tramadol more now than after surgery. The tramadol settles the pain during the night and I feel good in the morning until I decide to do something new. I guess everything just has to heal and all the muscles, etc have to get use to working again. I slow danced with a new friend a week ago a few times and it took 2 days for the muscles to settle down. Geez - it was only a couple dances! Not up to fast dancing yet, that will have to wait awhile.

I had a bout of a-fib this morning for about an hour. A power outage happened and was out all night. It came on about 6:30 in the morning and scared the heck out of me and the dogs. That set my heart to beating fast and irregular. I sat quickly for an hour and it went away. I get a EKG tomorrow to get ready of PT, so they can check me out.


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