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  • Hi Neil ,i think i am doing really well thanks.8 weeks post op.every thing was easier than I had expected except dealing with the ups and downs of warfarin but that will settle too i hope.I am driving again,on no pain med s,sleeping well,eating better etc.donna
    hi donna hope all goes well with your surgery,which valve did you choose in the end,
    Welcome Donna and like yourself I am new to the group. I undergo surgery tomorrow morning for a valve replacement and double bypass. I will be getting a tissue valve, likely because of age and as I am a newbie to heart disease, I have little knowledge about alternative remedies however I do plan on changing my eating habits. Primarily, NO SALT and will attend some classes on Health Heart Eating at the Heart Institute following my surgery. Best of Luck - Gord Ireland
    anyone got a meachanical valve and into health foods and alternative remedies ?any advice?
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