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    Surgery Delayed

    No problem adpace. Vent all you like. Prior to my surgery I also faced the potiential of a postponement due to UTI. My surgeon said not to worry, he said they could give me antibiotics IV, if there wasn't too much bateria. So I took him at his word and my second urine test came back fine before...
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    To all those waiting for OHS.

    Hey avrguy, you are quite welcome. Those feeling that most everyone had pre-surgery are nothing to feel ashamed of. Who the heck willingly wants to have surgery that involves the heart. Our minds go to all kinds of dark places. But posts like yours allow the new people on board to have a light...
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    meet for coffee/chat? (Los Angeles)

    Heart 2.0 - Sure I would give a yes nod to getting together again. Chaconne and Julian check in periodically so maybe they would like to join, plus we must have new L.A. members. Let's see if anyone in interested. TheGymGuy, unfortunately, the day we go together it was raining buckets so no...
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    DH had OHS today

    After reading about the road you and your DH have had to travel, I can only say that you both are great warriors. And you have raised two great children. Kudos to them also. My husband has faced 4 heart attacks and one head-on vehicle collision. Both our kiddos were such a great tem to be part...
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    I'm back ... but for other reasons

    Allison, I have always looked forward to your posts. Of course except the news you have shared. I am sad that you have had to endure the biggest betrayal ever. So now, just try to heal yourself both mentally and physically. Sophie needs you and she will continue to look to you for emotional...
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    Hi breakingwave, I don't know if this would be of any help, but check with your insurance for a case manager, or patient advocate that you can speak with to state the type of run-around you have been given. Someone has to be in your corner to make the medical professionals give you some straight...
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    Please help me understand my grandma's recovery. I am so scared.

    NattieTea, keep feeling hopeful. Your grandma will get better and the best thing she could have is you. Patience and moral support from loved ones goes a truly long way. Soon she will be home and doing all the things she loves to do. Just hang in there. I will keep her in my prayers. :)
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    surgery scheduled 2nd of april

    Extraordinary, my path in the valve replacement journey is totally different than yours (in my 50's when replacement took place and as you can see from my signature, bovine valve). But I did have a few weeks of pain and short breath. Many mornings I awoke and said to myself (what the heck did...
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    A setback: redo

    Anthony, your original title for this thread seems truly on point. I'm not certain I could have taken that sort of news. But as they say, it's water under the bridge. Continue to recover well and keep us updated. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. (by the way, I gave up swearing for Lent, but...
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    Time Sure Flies By - 8 years since my Mitral Valve Repair on Feb 28

    Great to see you are still dong well Wayne. Continue to enjoy life. :)
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    March 4th - DONE!

    Welcome Back Sammy. It is great to hear that things are going well and you are getting stronger every day. Just concentrate on getting better and I hope you journey continues to be bump free. :)
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    Pre-surgery panic & anxiety

    Meredith, Special hugs and vibes coming your way from California. I know "don't panic" is in fact easier said than done, however, soon all this will be but a memory. So don't keep looking for that pea, princess.... I will be thinking of you tomorrow and looking forward to your post saying that...
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    Saw surgeon again today

    Hey Anne, I didn't get a plastic card, but I did get a wallet size paper with my valve information. You might want to send and eMail to customer service at Edwards Lifescience. I'm sure they would be happy to provide you with something more substantial than a slip of paper. In fact, it is my...
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    March 4 - getting nervous

    Good Luck to you. It has been almost 6 years since I walked the surgery road for my heart. I don't remember much, but one thing I do recall was that when I woke up with the breathing tube in my throat, my wonderful husband was right there to remind me not to fight the darn thing. And since he...
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    9 days post op

    Deb, you should be aware of your body. Your best advocate is yourself. Ask questions, be aware of possible outcomes and always challenge opinions which you do not believe are in your best interest. You are NOT a lemming so don't go over the cliff before you find out how far down it is. :). Hang...