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Jun 9, 2001
upstate New York
My daughter collapsed at work today with chest pains. She is in the hospital now and they have found a narrowed artery. More testing tomorrow. She is only in her forties. She has been complaining to her doctor about dizziness and headaches for a long time now. They checked her out for inner ear problems, and migraines, but apparently never considered a heart problem. She looks like the picture of health, but has been under a lot of stress at her job. I guess they chalked it up o hysterical female syndrome.

That makes me so mad.

I don't know what will be done, but I guess she will be having some kind of repair.

I'd appreciate your prayers.
Sorry she lives so far. I know it is tough when you just can't run there. My parents only live 5 hours away, but when Mom had her health problems, it was so frustrating waiting by the phone..(plus I'm kind of a control freak,) instead of being there.
Nancy, I hope it turns out to be something that can be taken care of quickly with no long term damage done. Don't you just hate it that even today, a lot of Dr's can be so dismissive of women and our health? It drives me crazy. Please keep us posted about how she is doing.


So very sorry to hear this and send prayers to you and your daughter. So good she wasn't alone and is getting the help she needs.
Please let us know how she (and you) are doing.
So sorry to hear that. I find it maddening as well that when any woman under 60 is treated as a hypochondriac rather than considering health problems. I'm thinking of you and your family.
Focus on the Positive Nancy :)

The GOOD NEWS is that they found a probable cause and as you well know,
Heart Problems can be FIXED!

Sorry they took so long to get the root of her problems, but better late than never.
A problem defined is a problem half solved (or something like that).

Wishing the Best for you and your daughter. Hope things go better now.

'AL Capshaw'
Your daughter is in my thoughts & prayers Nancy! I hope she gets checked out real good by the doctors & they find the root of her problem.

Keep us posted & you take care too!
Saying a prayer for your daughter!!! I'm only in my forties also, but on June 25, 2010, I had aortic valve/root replacement and a single bypass surgery. Tomorrow, I will be 8 weeks out of surgery and doing very well, just tire out easily. I'm trusting your daughter's going to be just fine and they can fix her up in no time! Take care, and I'm also praying for you!!
Very sorry to hear this; how agonizing for you! Hoping she'll get excellent care and just what she needs at the right time.

Don't know if this is the right time to mention this but I recall reading once that a woman can have a heart attack from a blocked artery, the blockage being induced by her hormones that can actually cause a temporary artery blockage, which can sometimes be hard to detect later because the arteries may look okay later.
How alarming for you all! I'm sorry it took collapse to get her to a probable diagnosis. I hope all will be well soon. You will be in my thoughts.