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  • Hi Al,
    Didn't want to highjack Just Waiting's Thread. You asked about members with mechanical who needed another surgery. Member, Johnny had to have a second surgery last January (two years out from the first) due to a tear with his ON-X.
    Hi Al
    I'm on night shift with a little down time surfing the forum.

    All this time I thought you had an On-X valve installed. Reading one of your posts, you commented on the sound of your St. Jude masters valve. I'm like WTF?! So, I checked in here and yup, this is what you have.

    I'm curious why you have been researching the On-X so intently? Is your Masters series giving you grief ?

    Met with the surgeon last week. On-X just landed on the Calgary foothills hospital shelves, same day as my meeting. My surgeon is experienced with the St. Jude Regent. I've given the surgeon the choice of either the On-X or the St. Jude Regent. I'm going with what he decides. I spoke with Lindsay Hartman from St. Jude about the Regent. Read some great research papers on the valve and feel pretty good about it.

    Take care
    Thanks Al for your feedback on my thread. I appreciate your great and wise views. Cheers :)
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