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  • Hi Luana
    Just wanted to say Hello and, let you know, even though I go by my middle name, first name is LuJuana...close :)
    Hi, Luana-
    I just want to say a personal thank you for the kind notes you've been posting on caringbridge . Much appreciated!
    Hi Luana

    I am Murali, from India, Underwent Re-do MVR 2009 with medtronic hall valve, need your comments abt medtronic hall as it is withdrawn from the market.
    [email protected]
    Nope, feeling good. I did drink a fair amount this weekend, but would stop and mix in some water for a while - so never really got 'drunk'. Hope all is well with you too!
    I was over at a friend's cabin this weekend. Forgot to mention it to anyone as I was rushed when we were heading out of town Fri. Anything new/big going on here in the forum?
    Luana i just saw your message about you working for TWA......I worked for USairways for almost 30 years......was a great job in the early years but after deregulation and 9/11 and other factors, it went downhill.....I was out before 9/11 as i left in nov 2000 on a work injury and won my comp case and got SS disability. I started collecting my pension ( which by then was with the PBGC) in November 2009. I am so glad to be out. I worked operations and the gates and counter. How did you make out with TW ...i know American really treated the TW folks badly.....Mike
    Hi there Luana......We've been travelling and I don't lug the laptop much anymore, but we're home for the summer. Too many people, too much hassle, so we stay home and go to the lake. My sister and her husband are coming out next month from Long Beach, so we're looking forward to them being here. Hey, how about those Lakers last night?!?!?! My favorite player during the finals was Rondo.......what heart that guy has..!!
    i love your kitty photos. i used to have 4, but 2 passed away last had FIV, the other had a heart problem and was going into cardiac arrest :(
    Thanks, Luana, he is a pretty smart kid ( who would be mortified that I am saying this to someone ). I see you love kitties. I recently adopted #5. One can never have too many cats.
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, that's our Sandy. We have had her about 4 1/2yrs now. She will be seven in Dec. She is a GREAT DOG!!

    Take care
    My 2 goats are siblings, the male was castrated as a baby... Next month they will be 6 yrs old.
    I would love to breed my doe and have a baby to raise and have the extra milk, but it's alot of work too, so I don't do it. My goat breeder makes really amazing ricotta cheese with his goats milk. So healthy and organic too.
    Hi there, yes that is my Nubian goat when he was just a little baby. A real Momma's boy. LOL
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