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    Thanks so much. How I'd much prefer normal emails. But u r right learning each day & by feb should be a pro so I can share my stories. Be well. Nancy Jane
    Lyn. Thx so much & my apologies if this is a duplicate Appreciate ur help. Infigur I'll get it in a few days. Hoping u r well. Thx again Nancy Jane.
    Hi lynlw. Thx so much. I'm so new to this. Both the forum & the news of a new avr. Handling both well. But the forum is a bit more challenging hoping u get this. Can u pls let me know if u did receive this ? Hoope u are doing well - am doing my avr feb 2012. Be well. Thanks. Nancy Jane
    Lyn..been missing you. please send me a way to ontact you.
    You have always been my sunshine.

    Hi Lyn, just wondering if you notice if customs played with the packaging. Is all the fudge gone yet? LOL
    Lyn, I haven't forgotten about you - send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll send you some fudge (I'll make a fresh patch for you)
    Hey Lyn,
    Just wondering if you got my inbox?
    Becuase according to my sent messages i haven't sent anything, so before i reply again lol, i thought i'd check :) xxx
    Read my message (down below) of September 10th!
    To answer your question, two years ago, I think, maybe 3.
    Hey there Lyn, go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.
    (just wanted to say "Hi" at this late hour) lol
    Hey! Clear your pm's! I sent a new one and your storage capacity has been reached!
    tried to post u a message but ur full up,anyway thanks for ur message, take care neil
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