Bonnie Anderson "Granbonny" June 10, 1940 - March 11, 2008

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Dec 15, 2001
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Here are the funeral plans that we have scheduled:

Graveside Service
Arrangments handled by Barrett's Funeral Home
Friday, March 14 at 11am
Yonah Memorial Gardens Cemetary
Cleveland, GA

Florist; Connies' Flowers

However- Mama and Daddy have always supported the Shriner's Childrens Hospital in Greenville, SC. If anyone would like to make a donation in Mama's name, I know that my parents would appreicate it.

Shriners Hospitals for Children - Greenville , SC
950 West Faris Road
Greenville, SC 29605-4277
Telephone 864-271-3444
Fax 864-271-4471
Fax Medical Records 864-240-3113
Fax Applications 864-240-3111

Here is my parent's address if anyone would like to send a card to Daddy:

John Anderson
632 Northwind
Sautee, GA 30571
706-878-2660 (home Phone)

Here is my cell phone if you need to reach me 770-540-5129.

Bonnie Kate Schroeder Anderson, Sautee, Ga passed away on Tuesday March 11, 2008.
She is survived by her husband of 42 years, John Anderson, Sautee; daughter and son in law, Adriane Anderson Seymour and Allen Seymour, Gainesville; son and daughter in law, Wes and Britte Anderson, Gainesville; sister, Diane Ledbetter, Wahalla, SC; brother and sister in law, Ken and Betty Schroeder, Selma, AL.

Bonnie left behind 5 grandchildren, Kameron Anderson, Thomasville, NC; Dalton Anderson, Canton, Cameron Bridwell, Drew Seymour and Kate Seymour, all of Gainesville. She also leaves behind four nephews, Josh and Jimmy Ledbetter and spouses and Ken and Neil Schroeder and spouses of Selma, AL along with several great nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Anderson was preceded in death by her parents, William and Daisy Schroeder of Selma, AL. Bonnie was a devoted wife and mother, community volunteer and served as a moderator of a national website which assists and provides information for people who have had or need to have heart valve replacement surgery.

Graveside services will be held on Friday, March 14, 2008 at 11 a.m. at Yonah View Memorial Gardens in Cleveland, Ga. In lieu of flowers, the family would ask that donations be made to the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Greenville, SC, a hospital that Bonnie and John have supported all of their marriage. Shriners Children’s Hospital, 950 West Faris Road, Greenville, SC 29605-4277, Telephone 864-271-3444.

Online condolences may be made to the family at

Barrett Funeral Home of Cleveland is in charge of arrangements. (706) 865-3101


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From Bonnie's Family

From Bonnie's Family

Dear Friends. It is with very broken hearts that I share my family's news with you about my mother Bonnie. She died this morning at the NE GA Medical Center located in Gainesville, GA. She was surrounded by all of her family and went very peacefully.

My father John found her yesterday morning on the floor. He immediatly called 911 but we have found that she suffered a major anneuriusm that caused a very large hemmorage in her head. There was no response with any of her brain stem functions so at 10am this morning, we decided to remove her from the breathing machine. She never regained conscious from yesterday morning.

I sat with her all night last night and keep thinking about how I would share this news with everyone on this forum. The last time I spoke with mama, she was on the Sunday night chat and so loved everyone on this forum. I feel as though I know all of you personally as she spoke so lovingly of each of you.

My father John and I are at their home now and have just finalized the funeral arrangments. She will have a small graveside service at 11am on Friday morning in Cleveland, GA at at the Yonah Memorial Gardens.

There are so many of you that I would like to speak with in person, but I don't know how to reach of you individually. I am going to post my home phone number in case you need to reach me. It is 770-965-7303.

My dad John is doing as well as can be expected but we are still all very much in shock. I am so sorry that I have to share this news via an email bullentin but I figured it would be the fastest way to reach all of you that she loved so much.

I will be home later tonight and my brother Wes will be staying with my Dad tonight.

I wish I had more answers for you as to what happened, but I just want you all to know how much she loved this family and all of the friendships she had with each of you. THANK YOU for making my mother so happy and giving her so much support over the years.

I will be back in touch within the next few days.

Adriane Seymour ([email protected])
Bonnie's Daughter
Our Deepest Sympathies and Greatest Respects

Our Deepest Sympathies and Greatest Respects


Thank you so much for the post.

Your mother graced us with her wisdom 5745 times here on our forums.

Each and every one of them was memorable and full of wisdom and love.

Life is a prescious thing and ours are better for having been able to share a small portion with her.

I am so happy that we were able to add to, and be a part of her rich life.

Our prayers go out to you and your family.

If there is anything that I can do, please let me know (my cell phone number is 480-240-0511).
Adriane, I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to email with your mother and read all of her wonderful posts here on this forum. We always hoped to meet in person, but, alas, that did not happen, but I feel like I knew her very well. She was so proud of all of you and took special delight in the time that she spent with her children and her grandchildren. You and your brother will be your father's greatest support in the weeks and months ahead and being Bonnie's children, I know you are up to the task. My sincerest sympathy to all of you and please know you will remain in our thoughts and prayers. May all your fondest memories sustain you in the months ahead.
Dear Adriane,

I ran across this quote by Hermann Broch & I thought I would share it with you & the VR community:

"No one's death comes to pass without making some impression, and those close to the deceased inherit part of the liberated soul and become richer in their humanness."

My sincere condolences to you & all of Bonnie's family!
I send my deepest and most sincere sympathies to Bonnie's family. This was such terribly sad news to read today when I signed in. There will be a new star in the heavens tonight, certainly one of the brightest & sparkliest shining in the night sky. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this very difficult time.
My sincere condolences to you & all of Bonnie's family!

And to those of you how had the pleasure of meeting this fine lady from I send you my deepest sympathy and a warm felt ((((hug))))
You and your family have my deepest sympathy. I know how much she will be missed by you all and by us here on the forum too. Bonnie was a delight to know and through her I feel I know your family as well. You will be in my heart and prayers during these hard days.

This news is just so so painful but I can't help but feel Bonnie is in heaven and is in awe. Our dear Bonnie always seemed so young in heart and never had to grow old. May God give everyone comfort.
I mourn the loss of one so dear?.I only really started to get to know Bonnie when the ?Throw Down? started?.We poked fun and supported each other, shared a few chats and pm?s?.I will miss this graceful lady?..My prayers and condolences to her family and all who loved her?..there are many.

Words fail at times like this. Along with Mary, we were so fortunate to meet Bonnie and John down in Panama City last year. She fondly called me ?Bubba? which I will continue to wear proudly. Thank you for sharing her with us here at She was a fixture here and will be missed for years to come.

We plan on coming up for the graveside services on Friday. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Wes and John. Hold each other close the next few days and months.

May God Bless,

Danny :(
I started talking to Bonnie about four years ago on Chat, and the conversation never stopped. When I didn't make it to Chat this last Sunday, she wrote me later that evening and demanded, "WHERE ARE YOU?
That was Bonnie--direct and to the point.:)

Funny, but our daily emails rarely dealt with our hearts. We discussed all our other aches and pains, our children and grandchildren, the weather, and our plans for the day. I knew Bonnie's routine about as well as I know my own.

I don't think I've ever met anyone who loved their children and grandchildren more than Bonnie. Our first conversation took place because Kameron was writing a 6th grade report on the state of Missouri, and since Bonnie knew I lived there, I was pressed into service. I well remember the anxious months before Drew and Kate arrived, and the tremendous pride she felt as they rapidly became accustomed to living here. She said Drew would become president of the United States one day, and I have no doubt that he will!

She enjoyed (as she always called it) and loved the people on it. I think she called me three or four times a day when we were at the Orlando reunion just to ask how everything was going. I passed the phone around so everyone got a chance to say hello, and I know she was pleased to put a voice to the pictures that had been posted.

Bonnie was a wonder. I loved her, and I will miss her always, but then, we all will.

Blue skies, Bonnie.
Bonnie was a dear friend I never met in person, unfortunately. She was also like a cyber-sister at times when I needed help the most during my husband's long illness.

I will never forget her sense of humor, her enormous, loving, caring heart, and her cheerfulness.

It was a privilege to know her and to enjoy her witty comments. She had an ongoing funny theme about "possum stew", maybe even "potted possum" that came up in some of her funnier posts from time to time. We all got a kick out those kinds of moments. They lightened up things here a lot.

Sure will miss you, Bonnie.
I would like to offer my condolences to The Anderson Family.

There is hope, it lives in our prayers.
There is strength, offered in the embrace of compassion.
There is love, felt in your hearts and remembered with your souls.

With all of my sympathy,

Our forum Mother is going to be deeply missed. Her spirit and love of life always showed through in each and every post. I will miss reading her posts with the..... and the...:) and all her little typed expressions that showed her personality. I don't think there was a Mother more proud of her children and grandchildren. We so loved reading about all the wonderful times she had with all of you.

May all your wonderful, fond, funny memories comfort you all at this very difficult time. I believe that God does not give us people to love here on earth, only to be separated from them by death. She will always be with you and with everyone here at VR as well.
I remember the "potted oppossum" Bonnie sent to the Friday dinner of the Golden Reunion in 2004!
What a really fun sense of humor and such a cheerful way of warmly reaching out to everyone there :) !

With deepest sympathy to all of her family and friends,
I'm sitting here in tears. The shock that rocked my whole body when I read the subject heading still has me reeling. My vocal response had my husband rushing to my side to find out what was wrong. I love Bonnie. She is a friend. I was just chatting with her on Sunday (and I rarely make it to chat. I'm glad I did this week). I will miss her SO much. I feel the need to add several "..."s to my message, just so I won't miss her so much. :( :( :(

My heart aches. It truly does. Bonnie will be VERY missed around here. My prayers go out to her "real life" family as well as her family.
I am deeply saddened to log into this evening and learn of Bonnie's passing. While we never met face-to-face, her caring and cheerful personality clearly came through her posts. She will be missed. My deepest and most sincere sympathies to the family.
Bonnie was a warm and kind woman, and her words put ease to many troubled hearts. Yet she was also nobody's pushover. She had real spunk and knew when and how to use it. She had a wonderful sense of humor, a great sense of timing, and a whole mountain of common sense. I feel a gap already, and I know I will miss her even more in the days to come.

This has to be such a catastrophic loss to you. I don't know what to say, other than please realize that we here will each share a small piece of that burden with you.

Know this: she was loved well beyond her physical reach. She touched the hearts and humanity of many whom she never actually met. It takes someone very special to spread that thin that richly.

Her memory and you, her family, will be in my thoughts.

With sorrow,

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