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  • Hank, I been trying to put a picture on my profile. Greg a was trying to help. I finally got photo reduced. Greg a was able to make it work. I still can't figure out how. Is this a paid member thing, or can I actually edit my avatar? Evidently I am not doing something to "upload" properly. Can you explain how I can do this? Thanks any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
    Hello Hank,

    I would like to become a paid member. How can I make a donation?


    Mr. Hank

    I have a cool product that I would be willing to share once I complete my valve replacement surgery (18 Jan 2012) - I have contacts within the largest anatomical chart company and can produce (see attached) on my WallMonster solution - self adhesive fabric that can be remove, reused and repositioned. I am printing some poster sized and laptop sized for my surgeon as a token of appreciation. Let me know if you would be interested.

    Let me know,


    I was wondering how to get to see the calendar as I have just been given a date for surgery.

    Al and I have been quite busy trying to fight cancer for the past couple of the Mayo Clinic. It is so hard with the both of us having cancer treatments at the same time. We have few friends and our only family here is our son, Alex.

    I have lost my connection to Valvereplacement during those terrible times. but, I am wondering what I need to do to get back on

    I have missed many of my friends...some who go back 11 years. Please help me. I will be glad to pay dues or what ever. In past I have made contributions on a regular basis.

    Love ya lots

    Blanche and Al Hunt
    1922 E. Watson Dr.
    Tempe, AZ 85283
    hello sir ,
    l.i m heart patient since 1999 (12 yr) and also having balluing or my volve. now dr. of sgpgi lucknow's dr suggest me to dvr (
    duble volve replacement its arotic n mitral volve .now i y age is 24 and no high blod presuer,no diabetes no one other..i think for the operation in mumbai asia heart insitute by dr.panda in aug2011.
    pls suggest any one which is the best hospital in india n pls telll me the hope of life any one is there who live 10 to 15 years after the volve rplacement plssssss
    Bigsidster - Custom avatars are available to paying members. You will need to purchase a subscription.
    Hank, I have been a member of since April--surgery on May 3. This site has been a life saver for me as I'm sure for many others. I would like to see more information about the site. I had no idea that you could or maybe should pay for membership or what the differences are in the types of members. Is this available someplace and I'm just not finding? Is there maybe a welcome for newcomers that talks about the site--how long it's been around, etc.? I woul really like more information and don't know where to find it. I will definitely consider making a contribution but didn't even know it was an option until recently. Mary

    Thanks for founding the VR site, many benefits to me already and am sure much more to come

    truly happy to have found vr org

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