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Tissue vs Mechanical

Tissue vs Mechanical

25 Tissue (Pig)
31 mechanical Bjork Shiley
38 mechanical St Jude
38 Tissue (Human)
53 mechanical CarboMedic
Currently 58
Just a curious question...

I am 42 and chose a tissue valve. I researched the pros/cons of both tissue & mechanical...Understanding that age may be a major reason for type of valve chosen...I was wondering, if you are willing, if you could simply reply with the following information

1) Username and/or name
2) Age
3) valve type selection

I will start: ;)

1) SB42 / Scott
2) 42
3) Tissue (Bovine)

1) JohnB
2) Age 62
3) C E Tissue Bovine
4) Oxford England
Sasi (F)
surgery date Nov 22 2010
Age at the time of surgery 48
mitral valve replaced with St. Jude mechanical by Dr.Cohn At Brigham and Young
Mech Aortic Valve May 2011 (Age 58)
Warfarin 5.5 MG, INR VERY STEADY at 2.7 - 2.9 - Testing now every 8 weeks.
41 at time of surgery
Medtronic ATS AP360 Open-Pivot Valve 22mm


Would you please compile these results into a table and post them?

1. djteako / Trevor
2. 1st surgery 1981 - age 9 , valve repair
2nd surgery . May 14 1986 valve replacement with 21mm bjiork-shilley mechanical
3rd surgery . August 17 , 2011 23mm ON-X mechanical and dacron asscending aorta graft , plus decending aorta anyrism repair
current age . 40 , and hoping that that was my last surgery !!!
1. RBCola
2. 23 at surgery, now 28
3. Tissue Carpentier-Edwards Perimount Magna bovine pericardial sac

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Fascinating thread. I'm in the waiting room at age 46, and have been told I'll need AVR before I'm 50. I would love to have a tissue valve because I think the noise of a mechanical would drive me straight into Edgar Allen Poe-type madness (I can't even listen to ticking clocks when I'm trying to sleep!) and I don't want to be on coumadin. But the thought of multiple heart surgeries is daunting, too. It's interesting and helpful to know what others in my age range have chosen. Thanks!

New here so have lot's of reading to catch up on.
I hear you Heather and it's for the same reasons I chose the porcine valve. I've never regretted my decision.
I have my annual echo next month and of course don't anticipate any problems.
I'm always mindful of the fact that one day down the road------the echo may indicate the dreaded news!
I've only have to take daily 81mg asa for life------so far

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