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I brought this thread back up to show that in the past this forum was more supportive to people of both valve types, the number of each group was more evenly distributed and that all were welcome.
each group was more evenly distributed and that all were welcome.
All are welcome, and supported. Strange that you still can't see that.

Instead you go on and on launching unprovoked attacks against members here like Chuck or myself (not particularly supportive there sport). Indeed such is the consistency of your voice against me that even mild mannered members here call you out on it and request you stop. Again, how is that you being supportive?

You make many accusations about me, yet were you to look carefully at my posts you'll find many occasions where I support the decision of tissue valves. Can you explain why you ignore those and focus on some sort of Kanly against me (and anyone who seems in your mind to be a member of my gang).

Worse, you actively engage in offering exactly the sort of advice that you tell others not to.

You clearly have some problems troubling you and its not about what you say it is. I recommend you seek some help there before it gets worse.

Best Wishes
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