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  • Hi, Steve. You seem to be closely matching my dad's condition. He'll be 62 in April. He has a congenital bicuspid arotic value in critical stenosis. His surgery is planned on April 23rd currently, but we're meeting with another surgeon today. There are SO many options and we're racking our brains. Can I ask what made you choose an animal value? My dad is extremely active- he's a carpenter by trade, works for himself. He's about 5'11, 205 lbs. All of his arteries are clear. First, he's afraid he's not going to wake up from the surgery. Then he's worried about not having the same quality of life, and then it's what value to choose. He knows if he gets an animal value he'll have to go through the surgery again. But he doesn't want to take Coumadin with a mechanical value. Can you give your thoughts?
    Thanks so much for your help,
    Steve. Saw that u enjoyed st Louis - thanks. While I am orig from s side of Chicago we have lived here a long time. Nice to hear u enjoyed tower grove. It is lovey. But like any city u gotta know a native to see secret spots next time u & wife here let me & my husband know ( if I'm not in surgery or recovering) will take you guys show u all some nice spots. It's a great city to show off. Best. Nancy Jane. And again hoping u get this.
    Steve. Am new to the forum & trying to figure it all out. Hoping u get this - since u seem to navigate around well in this- any hints ? U had mentioned I should stard a thread - not sure where the needle is ( ok poor attempt - blond humor ) sorry. Seriously is there a place to learn how to use this better. Thx. Mu upcoming avr will be in feb 2012. Thx. Nancy Jane - a. Cub fan in cardinal territory !
    Could you please steer us to the website where Ross is hanging out nowadays? We miss him so.

    Thank you.

    Hi, Steve. Where are you doing your cardiac rehab? I'm on the fence as to whether to pick a place near work or near home, but the most important factor is that it's a good place that will help me! I've been so out of shape and so non-mobile for so long... I can walk 20 minutes without too much trouble now which is WAY better than before surgery, but I'm afraid that the CR will be too rough for me to stick with... Call me chicken...

    Let me know. Thanks!


    I just noticed your surgeon was Dr McCarthy also. Good to see another fellow Bluhmer around! Is your cardiologist at Northwestern?

    Steve, I hope you're recovering ok. I remember being surprised at how big this surgery is. It kind of took me by surprise.
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