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    Prostate benefit for vitamin K2?

    As with so many medical warnings, be aware that these are worded with extreme caution. They do not differentiate between correlation and causation. Also, with prostate cancer, you should keep in mind that any man’s probability of having detectable prostate cancer is about equal to his age...
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    Staying the Course -- November 9, 2020

    I would be inclined to take it. . . AFTER I have had a chance to read the research and evaluate the efficacy and side effects reported from it. I, too, feel that there is still far too much left that I want to do to give up any time doubting a vaccine. I trust the system, just as I have in my...
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    Staying the Course -- November 9, 2020

    Hi, everyone! Just thought I would pop in to say hello to my first online family. (I now have a second one at one of the cancer forums.) I’m so glad to see things still going along here. You all are walking tributes to the idea that there is truly life after valve surgery. Covid has shut...
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    Protimenow Update

    The closest I came to this sort of confusion was when my ventricular pacing lead failed. My resting heart rate dropped to my "escape rhythm" of 48 BPM. When I called my E-P's clinic, they at first told me that I should disregard the reading on my wrist monitor. I insisted on an office visit...
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    Staying the Course -- May 19, 2020

    Still waiting for the good weather here. The past few days we have had some record-breaking rainfall and flooding. For Chicago, this May is the wettest May in recorded history. . . and we're not finished yet. For the past three years, the month of May has been getting wetter, and wetter and...
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    Are we high risk?

    My wife thinks I'm part plant. I'm not happy unless I get out in the sun as often as I can. I also take a Vit D supplement (1,000 IU daily), and have been healthy (knock wood) for quite a while.
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    Staying the Course -- April 28, 2020

    SB - I can imagine what you're going through with that hernia. One of my high school buddies (yep, still keep in close touch with 5 or 6 of them) has had multiple abdominal surgeries for complications of lymphoma, and after the last one, he developed a major abdominal hernia. He was able to...
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    Staying the Course -- April 28, 2020

    @Superman said "I’ve seen a couple posters mention hair getting a bit long. For the price of a haircut or two, one can pick up a decent set of clippers with various length guards." I would try that, but none of the stores that remain open have anything remotely resembling a hair clipper. They...
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    Length of time between echos

    I agree that this is worth a conversation with your cardio. He/she will need to delve into your current status, symptoms, exercise tolerance, etc., in order to develop an opinion as to whether an echo now is critical or not, and if now is not the time, maybe sooner than a year out. Not wanting...
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    Staying the Course -- April 21, 2020

    Tom - I have already cut way back on my exposure to any news, in the belief that if anything really important becomes public, my wife will be sure to let me know. Just hearing the TV commentators, government officials and talking heads prattling on and on sets my nerves on edge. I do a lot of...
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    Longevity after heart valve replacement

    I'm on my second electrophysiologist now. That is the one specialty I travel all the way into the city for. My other docs (cardio, internist, urologist, oncologist, audiologist, ophthalmologist. . . you get it) are all out here in the suburbs. A great E-P is worth the trip.
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    Staying the Course -- April 21, 2020

    Hi, everyone! I'm still here, but a bit less often, @Paleowoman, your plight hits home here, too. All of our fitness centers (I have memberships at two of them) are closed. My only even remotely cardio-supportive exercise outlet is walking. When the weather is decent (about half the time) I...
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    Longevity after heart valve replacement

    Protime - Not sure if I mentioned this, but when I was struggling with AFIB after my valve surgery, they did put me on amiodarone. My cardio warned me about not only the risk of pulmonary fibrosis, but also some potential for vision deterioration over time. He then said that if my AFIB didn't...
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    Protimenow Update

    Protimenow said, "At least this barely qualifies me for entrance into the 'complications club.' " Yeah - ANOTHER club nobody wanted to join. . . but as long as you're officially here, welcome!
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    Cyborg in training

    I know that adjusting the medication combo post-op is a pain. If you are aware of what each med does and if you have your cardio's blessing, you can usually figure out the proper mix before they can, simply because you will try something and if it doesn't work as desired, you don't have to wait...