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Feb 17, 2002
Imlay City, Michigan
I suppose that's how it goes. I turned eight last Monday, but was too busy with life to remember. I knew it was coming and was trying to think of something clever, and then totally forgot. I took my wife to a wake instead, took her out to eat (McDs), had a meeting, and made it home in time to watch House from the beginning.
Congrats to you Jim, did you really go to McDonald's? Nah you didn't did you?
I wish you many more Anniversaries.

Bina: you should be able to watch last week episode of House on the internet
When AVR anniversaries go by unnoticed just like any other day, you know your life is so back to normal. Congrats!!
Congratulations on #8 my northern neighbor.
Hopefully many more to come.
And nothing wrong with Mickey D's.:D
Hi Jim! I forgot mine this year too. Before I had the MVR I wouldn't have believed that would be possible. I guess we are becoming old-timers at this. Congratulations and say hi to Shirley for me.
Congratulations for forgetting!

I forget every year! I think it's fantastic that we're able to forget something that preoccupied us for so long. I remember the countdown to the day of surgery, counting the days post-op, then the weeks until I could drive again, the months until I could go back to work. Now, I'd have to check my info on here to actually be able to tell antone the date of my surgery!

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