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  • Hi Colleen -- good to hear from you. Good luck with your upcoming surgery! Sorry I can't help you with the INR issue. I have a tissue valve and never have had to take Coumadin. I'm sure many others on here could offer you good advice.
    Colleen, dear! It is good to hear from you again! I wrote a large message to you on my page whicch did not get to YOU! And then it seemed to disappear. Bummer! I am on the verge of having my right hip replaced at Duke Medical Center. (I have a friend down in North Carolina with MS who has offered me to stay with her during recovery. An angel! My kids "cannot" take care of me--like during my OHS recovery.) The cutie is my grandson. My daughter has a son, my son has a duaghter (the laughing baby I saved from the old forums).
    Hi Colleen, we are doing well. Colin sees Dr. Cameron on August 26th. Should I tell him you say hi? :) I added you as a friend. I feel like a wallflower on here. Only one friend. Could it be my breath? Take care, Barb
    Hi Colleen. We met with Dr. Cameron on Tuesday. I thought he seemed so kind and gentle. We decided to have him do our son's sugery and I feel very confident with him. :)
    Hi! How are you? Do you already have a job or are you looking? I am looking. I got hearing aids and they work so well ! I am interviewing for positions all last week and this week. I know, like you were saying about Kaiser, none of the health insurances want to pay for hearing aids it seems. I paid for mine out of pocket. If the working thing is not meant to be, I will go back to school to finish my nursing degree. Glad you are on your way to recovery with your hip.
    Greetings, Colleen! My hearing is not so good these days, but last time I had it checked (which was when I used Kaiser) they said I should "Turn the TV louder" and "Watch people's faces when they talk to you". Ha ha! What a joke! (Not in Kaiser any more and hope not to be any more.) Actually my COBRA insurance is not so high (under 400) but the plan was undesirable in the first place with a 2500 deductable before they pay for anything.

    I am actually thinking of going onto Social Security in April and working part time, if that is possible. My hip is better than it was, but I still must use my cane. (I have the "House" walk down now.) The procedure was not really painful. They do their best to numb you. Still, I am not sure what will happen next. No one I know wants to be with me when I am in the recovery mode from hip surgery. Happy Spring to you, Colleen!
    (Had to split this message)
    Sorry to hear about your ear situation! Somehow i remember you were a professional singer. Is there a connection? I am glad you are going to Hopkins. I called Dee at Dr. Cameron's office about my Lovenox and it appeared that I would have had a different scenario had I gone to Hopkins. (I just needed to get my situation worked on quickly because job interviews are hard when you come in limping, with a cane, and wincing continually.)
    Most of all, I worried about your husband. You stopped posting just when people were fearing the worst for him! So I am relieved all is relatively well and that you are just busy.
    I am glad to hear from you, Colleen!
    Things are not so good with me, mostly because I have been unemployed for 3 months and am running out of money to tap. I have to keep paying for my COBRA, however.
    I have to have a big shot of cortisone in my right hip TODAY because, having excruciation pain for weeks now, the orthopedic surgeon said it was tiny cysts in my hip socket and that cortisone usually helps the pain. I had to go off Coumadin and get on Lovenox for this event. I have had to give myself Lovenox injections. YOW!
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