Peeling on chest and stomach/numbness left chest

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May 26, 2010
Did any of you have peeling on your chest and or stomach at some point after surgery? My skin is peeling mostly on my chest. I'm still very numb on the left side of my chest, but I'm really surprised by this peeling! lol. Did you have numbness on your chest, if so, how long did yours last? I'm 4 weeks post-op today! woop woop!!
my numbness is already wearing off as my nerves are starting to refire and I can tell there are very tight bones underneath my skin. Down by the drainge tube thats still numb. I wish it was numb throughout my chest when I cough though
Numbness stays for a while , still spots numb 11 weeks.
Angel peeling might dry skin , mine got so dry after , is it near your incisions or chest tube stites maybe want to check with doctor if it doesn't get better.
Gotta hold tight Robb , do you have your pillow? Still use mine helps alot.
Maybe the skin peeling is an allergic reaction to something they put on your skin during surgery. I know they swab you down with Betadine or something like it. It could also be a reaction to tape used.

Joe had very sensitive skin and he was very allergic to most tapes, so they had to use paper tape with him whenever possible. He also got what the hospital called a "sheet rash" which was an allergic reaction to the laundry chemicals used to wash sheets, gowns, etc. He would break out in little red pinpoint rashes and this could then peel as it was healing.
Oh, Angel, when I first saw this post, I didn't see the "l" in peeling, and all I could think was, what the heck?
Thanks everyone! haha! And to answer your question, no it's not right at my incision or chest tube sites. Mainly it's the upper right and left chest area. Very little on stomach area. I'll be seeing my cardiologist anyone this week coming up, so I guess I'll ask him then. Thanks!
ok, thanks! Glad to know this could be expected and not an abnormal thing! Hopefully it will wear off sometime soon!!
Angel, I have no numbness so I can't help with that. But as far as you think it might be the soap. I have been using dial (the recommend soap) and it is sooo drying. I hate the itching feeling too. Robin
i have peeled like the dickens - right about 3 or 4 weeks - showed the PA at the surgeons - he said "yup" and really don't use lotion - yuck

i have numbness at almost 5 weeks on right side mostly in rib area - again the PA at my surgeon said "yup" we hit/bug the nerves - but still ask your surgeon or cardio!

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