Chest Pain across my whole chest?

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Oct 9, 2009
Knoxville, Tennessee
I woke up this morning feeling like I had a weight sitting in the center of my chest. Its the same way either if I am sitting or trying to walk it off.

Last night however I had to climb some stairs and I got out of breath. I had to stop frequently.

I am worried a little about this chest pain. It is different from the pain I have had on my left side that somes and goes.
I would check your BP then still go have it checked out. I had a little bit of pressure on my chest before OHS only when I did to much and it went away pretty quickly.
As our meto have on the forum "when in doubt check it out". At least maybe try calling your Dr. Hope that helps you will be in my thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgery.
Kep us posted on how your doing or what you decide to do.
Well Im still on lopressor. I take 12.5 one time daily at nighttime since it zonks me. This feeling feels like I have overdone it like I carried something too heavy. My heart rate is acutually lower than usual for me. Its 80 right now. Normally it is 95-105. I dont have a BP machine here, but will be getting one later today from my mother.
Go to the ER. Chest pain, especially with a known heart condition warrants prompt investigation. Do not delay.
The problem is I have NO INSURANCE! We are on state assistance for everything. We have two small children and it will affect us no matter what. Im going to try and call the doctor and see what I can do.
I agree completely with Nancy -- this needs to be checked out right away. Many hospitals have chest pain centers just for this purpose. If not, the ER will work. SOunds like more than minor ache and pain.
"the doctor" will only tell you to go to the ER. If you are on state assistance then you may very well be able to obtain medicaid assistance. Of course going to the ER will "affect" you--however, not going could turn out to be more permanent and have a much worse effect upon your children.

get your booty in gear and get to the nearest ER asap!
Okay guys this is what I have done so far, cause I have to wait for someone to get here to watch my children.

I placed a call to the doctor
Placed a call to my state assistance
Took some tylenol
Took a xanax
I laid down for about two hours and the chest pain went away. It still hurts a little when I move, but I am uptmost sure that I lifted something too heavy yesterday or strained a muscle. Thanks guys!
If the pain changes when you move, it's likely musculo-skeletal. If it doesn't, then cardiac needs to be ruled out at the ER.

This is Valerie's husband. She has been admitted to COU at our hospital for chest pain and shortness of breath. I will keep everyone posted as new details come.

Thank you,


Will pray that everything checks out okay, and she'll be back home quickly. Glad she is getting it checked out though. Sounds like she definitely had symptoms warranting prompt medical attention.
Bill, thank you for the update. I'm glad that she is getting it checked out. Better safe than sorry. Hopefully everything will be fine and she will be back home soon. Please tell her that we are all thinking of her and praying for her and please keep us posted.

After spending the night at the ER last night and seeing the pain everyone was going through my prayers are with you too.
Shame on this country and it's greed for not letting people have health care without punishment. Your family deserves the respect of your health.

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