2 hours till surgery

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Michelle D

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Jun 14, 2010
I hope you all are right about the waiting being the worst part because I'm beyond anxious. Holy crap I can't believe it's here. I'll update as soon as I can so I'll see you tomorrow. Now I have to calm down
About now, your in the surgery waiting area. Best of luck to you. Hope all goes well and we hear from you in a day or two.

Wow, lots happened while I was out of town for a couple days!

I'm so glad your surgery got moved up. You've really had us worried.
Best of luck. You may have a rough recovery with a few bumps, because you are so ill right now, but take it slowly and be kind to yourself. In a few weeks you'll be feeling much better.
Keeping you in my prayers for your surgery and recovery. So glad you got there sooner. I just did not have a good feeling about you when you were posting about how bad you felt and how there was no way your surgery could be changed.
Bless you Michelle! You're in my thoughts and prayers. Anxious to hear from you, when you feel up to it! Take it easy & rest in the meantime!
Dang, I missed this too this morning. Well, by now you're probably in the ICU and well on the way to recovery. Give us an update when you feel up to it - but no hurry - the main thing is for you to rest!
Sending all healing throughts to Michelle. Hope surgery went well and she is beginning a bump free recovery.
By now you are out of surgery and in ICU. Hoping that all went well. All of my thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery.
Boy, a lot of good I am --- I just saw your two-hours-before-surgery post of yesterday. Sending my best thoughts and prayers that your surgery went well and that your recovery will go smoothly.