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Original aortic valve (not bicuspid) replaced in 2004 with a Medtronic Mosaic tissue valve. Retained a very high transvalvular pressure gradient after surgery, now believed to have been from a defective valve. That valve only lasted five years.

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Aug 23, 1952 (Age: 71)
Central NJ
AVR (#25 Medtronics Mosaic Porcine Tissue) 04/06/04
AVR (#23 St. Jude Biocor porcine/bovine tissue valve) 08/25/09
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Sr. Information Mgmt Analyst for a large health-care corporation.
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I am not a Medical Professional. Aortic Valve Replacement (Medtronic Mosaic) on 4/6/04, at Robert Wood Johnson UH in New Brunswick, NJ. AVR again (St. Jude Biocor) on 08/25/09 at St. Michael's MC in Newark, NJ. Both performed by Dr. Tyrone Krause, a true Zen Master Mechanic in the world of valve replacement surgery.