Veronika Meyer Climbs Mt. Everest Post-AVR

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wow! Well for me at the moment and I'm sure many others, climbing the stairs feels like an analogous achievement. I often feel like I should get a trophy or at least a certificate of some kind! A gentle round of applause and a few appreciative head bobs might suffice...

It does give a body hope for the future though :) That said, I can't personally see the point of the whole Everest climb. I've never really understood the appeal of it. If I'm being REALLY honest, I've always thought it rather a selfish thing to do because if these intrepid people get into trouble up there, someone's got to risk their lives going to help them off.

It has to be said, I'm not a sporty/adventurous person, and to each his own and everything, but when all is said and done, when you get to the top... then what? Turn round and come back :confused: Why would anyone risk their lives and the lives of others for that? I understand achievement for achievements sake I suppose, but only if it doesn't necessitate someone else risking their necks just so I can say, 'yeah I did that'.

Just my twopennorth worth as my Granny used to say :D
I've always been an adventurous type and I scaled a few Peaks and Yosemite been living overseas for 7 years I can understand the appeal of what she's doing some of us are house small City people other people like to see as much as we can of the small planet

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