Traveling after surgery?

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First off, kudos to you for taking charge of your health! Moving up your surgery shows determination and courage. As for your trip at the end of February, it's understandable to have concerns. Speaking with your surgeon and doctors is definitely the way to go. They'll have the best insight into your recovery timeline and whether traveling 10 weeks post-surgery is feasible.
Hi Andy,
I had my surgery in March and went to Hawaii 1st week of June. Granted I wasn.t moving around too fast as I was still recovered, and spent a lot of time either on the beach or in the water.
My doctor advised me to go, and that it would probably do me good.
Only two things I really noticed were my legs getting all rash like pimples. and how weird it was to hear my heart clicking when snorkeling.
. Just make sure you have located a good hospital should you happen to require one while on your trip.
also, I home test, so took my tester with me on the trip to make sure my
inr levels stayed in check.
I was 50 then.
All the best, hope this is a vacation and not a business trip you are going on.

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