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cldlhd;n872717 said:
This is the same guy who started apolitical thread before then disappeared.
I don't think political discussions should be taboo, but there are cultural differences and you guys get worked up over politicians and politics.
You've probably got good reasons to get upset. Talking about Australian politics is like talking about the weather, or the football.
Last time I got in trouble.

Speaking of the Wall:
I agree with Honnybunny. Not the forum to discuss politics. I like the sense of humor of some who like to banter about it, but rather this forum stay about heart valve issues.
I'll repeat what I've probably said before. Some years ago there were a number of members here who were upset that Hank didn't want to create a forum for rabid political ranting and shaming of opponents. These members were told (I think) to "tone it down or go elsewhere." They went elsewhere. Since then we have maintained a community that focuses on the issues of heart valve patients, with some digressions into personal, recreational or other current events, but we do not discuss politics or religion. (We sometimes do touch on religion, but only at the most superficial level. No "mine is better than yours.")

Personally, I prefer the present, more relaxed atmosphere, free of political debate. If I want to participate in political ranting, I know other places where I can do so.
Agian;n872733 said:
... Argumentative and cantankerous.

And I always thought the Australians were good natured all the time, well maybe not after Russell Crowe threw that temper tantrum at The Plaza... Or Mel Gibson with the rants about the Jews. Maybe I need to rethink things.
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