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Feb 28, 2013
Philadelphia, PA
Hi, my name is Joe. I have been posting on here the past week or two.

Last Wed went to the the cardiologist for a check up , had upper back pain radiating into right shoulder. After the office echo, my doctor sent me directly to the ER to throw me in the CT scan. A leaflet on my tissue valve wasn't working at all, and there was fear that the aorta dissected.

To save you all a long story, I am now four days post op with a St Jude valve and an aortic aneurysm cleanup from surgery #1, so to speak. I feel like a million bucks compared to surgery #1. I guess I owe it to my surgeon. A bunch of people saved my life.......from the girl who scheduled me quickly to get me into the office, to the echo tech, to the cardiologist, to the surgeon, to all the nurses, etc etc etc. Its really amazing what these people do for us.

Only probem is my EF is low, but the surgeon said it's way to early in the surgery game to to find out where that will land. 🤞 Fingers crossed.
Isn’t it amazing how the universe puts things into place for us and our lives are saved?! Wishing you a great recovery!
Fantastic to hear things worked out well! Sounds like an amazing team.
Sending good healing thoughts your way and a big best for the recovery days ahead. 🕊️
@jag004 Your surgeon is absolutely right about your EF. Mechanical valves have much better hemodynamics, meaning that they are a bit closer to our native valves than bio valves.

The Key for you for the EF to recover is start cardiac rehab asap and continue doing evercise vigorously ideally life long, but at least for the next 12-18 months. This will give your heart the greatest chance at recovery.