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      Hello, my name is Joe. I had AVR #2 one week ago today. My ejection fraction had dropped from 40% to now 30% since surgery. The...
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      jag004 posted the thread Problems at Night in Post Surgery.
      Is it just me, or does it seem as if Afib , arrhythmias, and other post surgical heart issues occur at night ? Tonight is my 5th...
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      jag004 replied to the thread How to Choose.
      Word to the wise. Please go by the proven studies that we have now. Do not go by possibilities or future studies. The same stats...
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      Hi, my name is Joe. I have been posting on here the past week or two. Last Wed went to the the cardiologist for a check up , had upper...
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      jag004 posted the thread Activity Time Lines in Post Surgery.
      Hello, my name is Joe. I am going in for my second surgery tomorrow AVR, first surgery was in 2013. "I fully understand" that I...
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      jag004 posted the thread 3 potential choices in Heart Talk.
      I'm 48, had OHS AVR and aneurysm repair in 2013. 11 years later and my Edwards Bovine is severely regurgitating. Time for surgery...
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      jag004 posted the thread Surgery #2 in Pre-Surgery.
      Hi, my name is Joe. I had a AVR with aorta aneurysm repair in 2013, with an Edwards Bovine Valve. I was on top of things in the...
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