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Hi folks
Somebody on this sight told me that there is a Surgeon in Palo Alto, California who is "The Man" for aortic valve replacement. I somehow managed to lose that post though and I'm wondering if that person will tell me the name of that doctor again. I'm living in Northern California and still need to find a surgeon (not to mention a cardiologist that I like!!)
The surgury is not going to happen in the Very near future, I just want to get an idea of my options.
The man

The man

Hi, sorry I haven't checked the site for a few days, I was sick with a bad cold that's going around here.
The surgeon that is well known for valve replacements at Stanford is Dr. Craig Miller. He is excellent. I was recommended to him by my cardiologist and by my sister's friend who is a cardiologist in Southern Calif, he had heard of Miller and said he was the one to use.
He is easy to talk to and has a good bedside manner.

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