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Yes, I recall ...

sorry to hear that ...

did you get back to this?
No, I didn’t buy strips from eBay. I need the claims to go towards my ridiculous $4k deductible ($8k if considered out of network). I still have yet to get the billing correct though and it’s been frustrating. Reading about difficulties finding strips and machines on every scares me (I would have to give back my equipment if I switched providers).
Those deductibles are scary - are they not paying ANYTHING to doctors or for medical equipment (CoaguChek XS) until you hit the deductible?

Or is the deductible for other things (hospitalization)?

Is this an insurance from work? You might be better off shopping for your own plan - see if the employer will contribute to the premium. It may be less expensive than the deductibles for the year.

I think many of us are being pushed to buy the more expensive strips from a 'legal' source. Still, self-testing and management could be much less expensive than trying to shoot for the deductibles. The clamping down of eBay might be a good reason to buy 48 strips on eBay, from a trusted seller, while they're still available.
I was finally able to reach an incredibly helpful person at Biotel. She resolved all of my issues! Crossing fingers for the future but for now, my billing problems have been handled, and I must give credit….this manager provided outstanding customer service.
I checked the SelfCareDepot site. The price for strips isn't TOO much higher than they were on eBay.

They're also selling the InRange meter (and the company is located in New Jersey). I've asked them if the FDA has approved the InRange - waiting for an answer. It's somewhat interesting that they don't offer the XS meter.

Maybe Roche really has removed the XS from the market.