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VR.com Founder, Now just a Member
Jun 5, 2001
Mesa, Arizona in the good ole USA

I am happy to report that I have just returned home from Cleveland, OH. where I was able to personally deliver to our own Mr. Ross a new computer!!! :D ;) :cool: :)

He should definately be up and running for several more years.

It was an honor to meet Ross and his beautiful wife. It was also a great honor to be the deliverer of this wonderful gift that the members of ValveReplacement.com were kind enough to provide.

I cannot thank you all enough for your generosity.

The strength we have to do good when we group together is truly amazing.

Here is a photo of the man doing what he does best.

And here is a link to a MOV file of Ross saying thanks.

Thanks from Ross

More later folks. The family thinks I need to say hello to them after being gone for three days :confused:
I'm happy to see you made it home o.k.

Tell Michelle that I said thank you for allowing you to leave AZ for a couple of days. I still wish I could have met her and the kids. Perhaps sometime in the future it will happen.

Now I gotta go download quicktime just to see how much of a fool I really looked like. I told everyone that I looked like a deer that got caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Looks like I was pretty close to correct on that one. :eek:

This is the way I see it: Hank loks like the deer in the headlights. You on the other hand look like you are thinking "what the hell is that RED light on for?":D

Actually it was good to see a picture of the two of you, Like the brain and heart of Valve Replacement.

Here's to you pal....
Thanks Hank

Thanks Hank

And thanks to Michelle, too. Behind every good job..is a good woman:D :D I just want to pinch those chubby little cheeks of Ross's.:D :D :D :D Bonnie
What a wonderful surprise - to us all. Hank meets Ross - where else in the world of cyber would this happen! Great accomplishment.

But I can't get the video. Why not, Ross. Maybe others can't, too. Need help!
In order to view the video, you will need to have Apple's Quicktime Player installed. It is available free for everyone at the linky below: (Gee, why did I tell them? Now they can actually see me! :eek: )

Quicktime Player Download Page

Choose your operating system at the top left side of the page. You can answer the questions below or go straight to the download button at the bottom of the page. ;)

One thing I wanna know, why are all these younger people taller then me??? Move over Lowraine, make way for fat man!
Hi Hank, Ross and Lyn-

Loved the fact that you did a movie of the event. No one deserves it more, Ross. Plus--it made me download Quicktime which I should have had all along.

I have a Compaq which was a hand-me-down from a business my daughter was a paralegal for, they were giving the old ones away. It's had hard use, and isn't new, but it works terrifically with NO PROBLEMS (so far). I just keep it lean and mean, and try to dust the inside every once in a while, and sometimes the outside :p
"computer, oxygen, life, wife" .. nice save, Hankypoo. lol

"computer, oxygen, life, wife" .. nice save, Hankypoo. lol

The video is adorable.... so is the picture. You guys are pretty darn cute. :)

Oh, and Ross... not too many people can stand as tall as Hank... he's even taller than me!!
I am so happy for Ross who makes all of us happy. Wasn't that something for Hank to travel from warm sunny Arizona to cold gray Ohio this time of year? ( our weather in Virginia is not great either!). Thanks guys.
Nobody deserves better!

Nobody deserves better!

I had no idea Hank was personally delivering the computer to you Ross. Glad it all worked out successfully.

Thanks Hank and you too Ross!

Hank, the facial hair looks good man.

Great job Hank. I didn't know you were going to deliver it personally either. That was quite an accomplishment. You guys look great together.
Hey Ross, just downloaded quicktime and still can't get the much anticipated video.
Any suggestions.
Thanks Al
This was great to see - the picture and the video. Ross, your kind-looking face and twinkle in your eyes is just what I would have expected you to look like!! Two very handsome valvers, I must say!!

Ross, enjoy your new computer. You deserve SO much more than we can give you. :)

God bless.

Christina L.
What's all this bologna about you being a pathetic sight etc etc that we hear from you? I'm thinking we need to do a Hunks of VR.com calendar for 2005. Enjoy that computer - but try to keep out of as much trouble as you can.:D

Thank you so much for doing "the honors" and for giving us an opportunity to do something we ALL benefit so much from.
I was trying to download the video but gave it up after forty-something percent; it's enough for me to see that terrific picture of you two! Best wishes to you both! ~Susan
How great you guys could get together! Thanks for the picture and video!


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