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Aug 5, 2009
I had surgery 9/17 at Baylor Plano heart hospital in texas.My surgeon was Dr. M. Mack.My surgery was at 3:30 and had asending aorta replaced with a dacron tube.All went well and my valve was implanted in the tube. This was very good news as I was expecting a new valve.The operation was over by
6:00 and the vent tube was out and I was talking (I dont remember any of it)
then I "left the party" as the anathesiologist put it. I went into Ventricular-fib and they had to hit me with more than 10 shocks.Back into the O.R. and opened me back up and did a coranary bypass. Dr Mack and Dr. William Ryan were now both working on me.I went back into V-fib again and they called the chaplain at home to come back.It took 20 or 30 more shocks over the next hour or so to get this right.I remember wakeing up with the vent tube in and the sun shineing in my room.I knew something had gone very wrong.They finally took the vent tube out which seemed like forever.The vent was no fun.
The next morning I was up in a chair and kept getting visits from O.R personnell which I thought was odd but, finally realized how serious I had been.They all said you scared us!The lung Dr. told me my lungs were semi collapsed from so much time on the pump that I would have congestion. Was he right! I coughed for three days getting the phelm out and that really hurt.Another unexpected situation was while they were shocking me the skin on my bottom folded under and created 2 large pressure sores.Those still hurt 5 weeks after surgery.This was the worse pain overall.After 7 days I was released.My back hurt real bad all over again being told it was from all the shocks.I was home for 4 days we I went into a-fib and my home nurse call 911 and I was taken to my local hospital.While there being treated My cardo did a echo and said the valve looks good but, You have a hole in your heart that wasnt there before surgery! Needless to say thats all I needed to hear at that point.He sent the echo to the surgeon who was out of town.I had to live with this fear for 5 days untill the surgeon called me said that he had 3 other sugeons look at the echo and several had seen this before and it would probably heal itself and if not it is so small that all would be fine as is.That was the longest 5 days of my life.The hole came from one of the stitches from attaching the dacrn tube to the heart.Whew!! So now I am 5 weeks post op and went back to work end of week 4.I am feeling better ever day and am glad to be alive.Thank all of you who prayed for me - it made the difference.
WOW! What a story. Welcome back to the party my friend, we missed you. Still sending prayers your way for an uneventful recovery from here on out.
Good grief, you went BACK TO WORK:eek: at 4 weeks, after all that!
You sound like you're doing really well now. Sorry you had that loonngg trek up the mountain. That's quite a story.
I am so sorry you have expierenced this. GOD never places a mountain in front of us that we can not climb, we just sometimes need him to carry us over. Thinking of you.
Scary climb you had!! Modern medicine and highly skilled cardiac teams make our operations possible and thankfully the same medical techniques and people are also there to pull us through when things come unstuck! Hope the stitch hole is healed by now. At 4 weeks I wasn't allowed to drive, let alone going back to work, and my surgery was uneventful! Take it easy, you've been through a lot..
Buncle, welcome back... sounds like you went through alot. Now its time to take it easy for a while.
And I thought I had a rough time with one round of v-tach and paddles after surgery! I couldn't have gone back to work at 4 weeks.

You are amazing. Remember to take it slowly!!!
Sorry you had quite a big "bump" to master! Glad to hear you are ok now. I sure don't know how your working after 4 weeks, especially after all you went through. Make sure you take care of yourself. Best of luck to you.
So happy to hear you are now doing so well.
Take it as slow as you need to seeing how much you've been through.
I'm sorry you had such a rough time of it and still dealing with the sores. Like others, I'm amazed at how soon you were able to work after going thru all of that. I hope each day is better.
Wow! I'm glad they kept shocking you until they got you out of it!

Did they say why you went into v-fib? That's pretty rare!

Hope there's no further bumps in your recovery!

Equusz-They didnt know for sure why I had the V-fib.When they opened me back up they thought one of the coranary artery's was alittle collapsed ( Think they said they had to reattach it to the dacron tube during surgery) and thought that might be why. But, it happened again after the bypass.So maybe I didnt need it?I guess it is rare as the 2 top surgeons in this area were not sure.
I am 52 but, was in real good shape going into surgery and I think thats why I recovered fairly fast.Also I own my own business and had alot of motivation to get back.I have good people but, thats along time to be gone.