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Feb 7, 2007
Murfreesboro, TN USA
Quick Update.

Just talked with Kandice's husband Ron. He said she just got out of surgery. Dr. Petracek said that everything went fine. I don't have a lot of details because it was kind of hard to hear Ron when we were on the phone.

He mentioned that they put in a ring to support the valve? I think that's right.

The amazing part is they took her in at 7:40AM and she got out a little after 11:00AM. That's just incredible.

Anyway, my plan is to meet them on Thursday after my pre-op.

Hopefully Kandice can post once she feels up to it.
Thanks for the update, Jeff.
Please pass along my best wishes if you get to meet with them Thursday.:)


Thanks for the post! That sure sounds like record time for heart surgery! I'll look forward to her posts. Maybe she can update us on you?:) Brian
Great to hear it!

Great to hear it!

Glad to hear she did well, best wishes on the recovery process:D
Thanks so much for posting and please pass along my best wishes for an uneventful recovery.
Well done, so good to hear all the storys with good recoverys, hope everyhing continues to go well for Kandice

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