I don’t know what to do anymore

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May 1, 2022
the jaws scene is hilarious (I'll have to watch it again now)

Come back when you're on OHS 3, but IMO you don't want this

(and all that's beneath it)

I do hope you're one and done mate, its the best way IMO
My son is a 4 timer and his scar looks a lot like yours


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May 31, 2010
kansas city, mo
@carolinemc if you still have the card St Jude sends out a few months after your op it will say on there.
My number starts with 27AGN,
27mm is the size and the AGN I believe denotes it is a Regent.
My fathers valve was a 25A-101 St Jude.
I have heard the number is also imprinted on the valve surface itself but this is a bit hard to check haha 😊
I still have the card, due to the accounting of the federal government for they want to know how many mechanical valves are out there. And I do not care about the numbers since I am in America. And I got the card two weeks after surgery. But am doing good, except the irregular heartbeat. And I am starting to lose some weight, but do not know where it is going. LMAO


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Jan 7, 2013
So....you don’t mention any complications post-op. If you didn’t have any, you are extremely lucky; however, not having had them, you neither have the gratitude that comes from them finally going away.

Embarrassed? Who gives a $&*# about being embarrassed? Sooner or later you’ll realize that other people are not worth getting embarrassed about something over. If you learn that lesson earlier rather than later because of your valve tick, it’ll be a good thing. Not to mention you can sort right out of your life any idiots who think it matters. (I doubt there will be many, though.)

stand on your own! Own it! Think for yourself! If someone that you LIKED who was strong and resilient had a tick, would you mind? Or would you get over yourself? Life is short. Don’t waste time on inessentials.

When I look back on the times I was embarrassed in my life, I realize there was nothing to be embarrassed about at all. It was all an incredible waste of anxiety when I should’ve been focusing on just having fun, following my interests, having the confidence to find nice people to spend time with...

Also, the only people I really remember from high school were the ones who were unique. Thanks to this, you’ve got that covered.

Having said that, if you wore a tank top to school every day for a couple weeks, I’m sure in that time everyone would *find a way* to move on. Even you.


Jan 13, 2022
Unlike everyone it seems, I’m 17 with a mechanical heart valve, I had it replaced last year and I experienced no symptoms beforehand but whatever.
The tick has ruined my life, I’m now extremely depressed because of it. Idk if I got really unlucky and I got a super loud valve, but this valve is extremely loud. I don’t want to wear T shirts anymore in the summer, in fact now I hate summer and wish it was always winter.
I don’t want to do my exams in the summer in the hall, because I will be emitting such an embarrassing noise I have no control over, and there is no escape from this hell I now find myself in.

idk what I can do anymore, I never expected this and it has completely ruined my life in every aspect. I don’t even like sitting in cars if the engine is off unless my door is open because the valve is that loud.
I had my heart valve done at 17. The ticking and the scar bothered me for a while, but you get used to it. I can’t even hear it now. In the end, it makes me who I am.

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