How do you prevent endocarditis and blood infections?

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I have had endocarditis twice—just over a year apart. Bothe were strep but different strains. Infectious disease dr insisted that strep comes from the mouth. But I had a full dental checkup and there were no problems. So they decided to put me on Keflex twice a day—probably for the rest of my life. I have no side effects and doc said this is a good antibiotic to be on. Also stopped flossing and use water pic instead. I use listerene before brushing my teeth. It has been over 3 years since my 2nd endocarditis.
But I had a full dental checkup and there were no problems.
but a well adapted to your flora strep would not cause a problem that a dentist can see (unless he has really amazing eyes) ...

not fish, snake

...and can unaided see your oral bacteria.

Its entirely possible that its there and you would only see it with a swab and growing the culture.

I would immediately feel for you being on an antibiotic for life (some are) but while I would say "oral hygene" sometimes people just don't (despite thinking they do). I'm not saying "this is the case" because I don't know, but just thinking out aloud on the actual probabilities with what I do know.

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