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Apr 21, 2002
Zazzy, Weeklycat, Gail (Creed) BunnyRabbit, Ross, Bill Aldridge, Billy (set his clock and got up and cooked breakfast and chattedWas that ever fun:) :) :D Joy, Ann, Me..who am I leaving out?? Cristine....Looking forward to next Sunday night. Be there or we talk about you:p :p :p :p Bonnie
You'll talk about me anyway, whether I'm there or not. I know you too well. :D You left out Jeannie. :eek:
Weeklycat aka Jeannie

Weeklycat aka Jeannie

I'm still confused:confused: :confused: Was the Dolphin girl Jeannie there?
NO, "Dolphin Girl" is Jennie (no A, pronounced Jenny)! And I wasn't there! I didn't realize we were chatting, or I would have logged on :( What time does it start?
We somehow got to talking about a dolphin and I thought it was you even though Jeannie is not Jennie. I assumed a typo. I'm inviting people I don't know to come and pick me up. :eek:

See what trouble a chat room can be. :D
Billy made grits for breakfast - and put cherries on them. The rest of us had bacon, sausage, eggs, toast. Well, ok, Billy - so it wasn't grits.

Tinkerbelle kept flitting about and we had trouble keeping track of her (that was Joy). When I left after nearly 2 hrs, Cort and Steve, Joy, Gail and a couple others were still goin, but I just had to quit. Somebody else was trying to figure out how to get in as I was getting out. So very nice -

We did find one problem - as we were chatting, suddenly the thing froze and I, along w/others, got out and came back in. Those who stayed said it came back of its own accord, so if you are in there and your message doesn't show up, just wait a little and, like the weather, it will change and come back for you.

I think we had a huge success.
Let's straighten a few things out

Let's straighten a few things out

Okay, Bonnie didn't leave me out, I am Weekycat/Jeannie.
I started out as "Weekycat" but someone asked what my real name was, so I changed my name to "Jeannie". Actually I'll answer to Jeannie or "Jean" which is what I have on my signature. Sorry to confuzzle everyone!

Ross, I thought you wanted ME to come and visit you, but you were really talking to Jennie! I'm very hurt now. It's a good thing I didn't take you up on it I guess! BTW, I didn't mean to offend you, you are ALMOST as cute as my grandson, okay?

It was a lot of fun, I just wish it was easier to navigate around. I'm not good at all that "command" stuff. I got knocked offline, and came back and was on the wrong channel or something and had a heckuva time getting back to the rest of the bunch.

That was later, there was a SteveE and Cord and Gail/Creed was there, and Christine was still there I think. Steve was trying to help me back for a while, and then Gail came to where I was and rescued me! Thank God, I was scared and all alone!

Next time maybe we'll all have it figured out better, see ya next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-Channel!
Now that I have you positively identified , your more then welcome to come and get me. :D You'd like to ride with Batman wouldn't you? :D
Hey y'all we are still getting our Christine and Christina mixed up. Christine is the one who is moving home. Christina is our 'little Dutch Girl'. Christina - it was good to be with you. Christine, maybe you will be there next time to really keep us straight.:D


It was the other way around...:p :p You were trying to pick them up:D :D :D :D You even hit on me one time:eek: :eek: :eek: I had to go to the little girl's room and came back and Missed a bunch. You folks sure can type fast..:mad: :mad: :mad: Bonnie was great to chat with everyone ;). Sorry I missed some of you tho...and apparently some interesting conversation....he he he ;).

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WAIT!!!! WHAT??? WHO??? Rosso was trying to pick me up, and I wasn't THERE??? :eek: :eek: :mad: :mad: Boy, did I miss out!!

Steve, you have a new Member name now? I haven't been recognizing you! Hope you're doing well!


When Rosso learned that humans and Dolphins are the only 2 species who have sex for pleasure..:D :D He must be striking out at home:p :p :p :D :D Bonnie
Hi all,

Looks like I missed a great party. Darn! What time on Sunday's? Will try to make it. I may need a reminder;)


Bonnie got you BAD! I came in late, as i was in the bathtub. Had to get squeaky clean! That was great, I am looking forward to next Sunday!

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